How to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures on iOS 4.3 GM in iPhone 4?

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iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures | How to Enable Multi Touch Gestures on iOS 4.3 GM in iPhone 4?

If you decided to tinker around with the newly released iOS 4.3 GM then you might be interested in a tweak that allows to enable multi-touch gestures on iPhone 4. We already reported that iOS 4.3 includes multi-touch gesture functionality but Apple is not planning to introduce it in iOS 4.3. Probably they will be introduced in iOS 5.0.

So, here is the procedure:

1. First of course you need to have jailbroken iPhone 4. Look at the following article that we posted earlier.

2. SSH in to your iPhone and browse to

3. Open N90.plist plist with a plist editor, or a text editor like TextWrengler.

4. Add a boolean statement “multitasking-gestures” and set the value to true.

5. Save , replace and then you have to restart the springboard.

6. You should now be able to watch a Multitouch Gestures option in the file.

7. Tap to turn it on.

8. That’s it!

Thanks to FSM!

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