How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Android Based Device Such as Nexus-S and Samsung Galaxy?

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N64oid | How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Android Based Device Such as Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy?

Nintendo 64 is already more than 15 year old from the time it was released to the public. But it’s age don’t prevent the fact that it has some finest games ever available on a game console. Remember the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time or the Golden Eye games for example ? Well, if you are a great fan of Nintendo games or in particular of the Nintendo 64, you will be pleased to know that an emulator to play N64 games in connivance of your android-based mobile is available. It is called N64oid and seems to be one of the better attempts to portray the classical N64 gaming to the mobile devices. Although, this emulator needs pretty powerful Android devices (Nexus-S, Nexus-One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc) to properly run the games. Even then there are reports of dropped frames at places as the emulator is till not perfect but the development to continuously improve is on-going. An exciting feature is to use the Wiimote and nun-chuck if you have them to pair with the device. This eliminates the need to use the on-screen keyboard for example.

Oh! In case, you are interested to play classical PlayStation games on your Android device don’t forget to look at this solution.

N64oid cost $5.99 in the Android market and you can get it here.

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