How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome to Boost Web Browsing & Page Rendering Speed [Tip]?

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Most of the currently available browsers either do not support the hardware acceleration at all, or if they do, then it is not enabled by default. However, there are some exceptions such as Internet Explorer 9 and latest Firefox 4 betas. However, if you happen to be on Google Chrome than most probably the hardware acceleration is NOT enabled, although Chrome supports it. Enabling hardware acceleration should allow to significantly boost your page rendering and browsing  speed. This is particularly true if you happen to visit to a lot of multimedia intensive websites. But no need to worry because procedure to enable this feature is not that difficult at all!

Here is you go:

Chrome thumb | How to Enable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome to Boost Web Browsing & Page Rendering Speed [Tip]?

Step 1: First you need to go to the about:flags URL in the browser.

Step 2: Now in the list that appears enable GPU Accelerated Compositing.

Step 3: Below that you should enable GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D. (Chrome 11 doesn’t have the ‘GPU Accelerated Compositing’ option, because it’s now turned on by default). Mac users can only enable GPU Accelerated Compositing; GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D is not yet available.

Step 4: Now Scroll down a little further, and enable Web Page Pre-rendering.

Step 5: Finally, press Restart button at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: Now enjoy the faster and smoother web browsing experience via the enabled hardware acceleration mode!

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    You are writing articles and you don’t know the difference between then and than?

    • Jawwad

      Dude first try to learn some manners before making any comments.
      BTW this website is all about knowledge sharing but not to teach English language. I think u missed the whole point of this article!

      • Kyle

        Hey thanks for this info, just went from firefox to internet explorer and trying to optimize Chrome. Very helpfull thanks man. Do you perhaps have any updated tweaks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks bro.

        Kind Regards
        Kyle Venter

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