Root Nook Color all versions using Auto Nooter – Step by step guide

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Nook Color is one of the best e-reader available in market with 7” high resolution display and wifi. Now you can root your Nook Color and use it as a powerful android tablet. When rooted Nook Color is compared Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nook Color performance is better than Samsung. This guide will provide you with step by step instructions how to root all software versions or Nook color.


-Nook Color with USB cable

-Micro SD card at least 128MB

-USB SD card reader

- Win 32 disk Imager

-Auto Nooter by GabrialDestruir (there are three versions available. To find the right version of auto nooter compatible with your Nook Color you need to check the software version of you Nook. On your Nook Color navigate to Settings àDevice Info àAbout Your Nook Color. Find the software version of your Nook Color and download the compatible version.

For software version 1.0.0 download auto nooter 2.12.15

For software version 1.0.1 download auto nooter 2.12.25

For software version 1.1.0 download auto nooter 3.0.0

Now follow the instructions:

Step 1: Download Win 32 disk Imager and unzip its contents into a folder.

Step 2: Download the compatible version of auto nooter and unzip its contents (contains image file) preferably using winrar.

Step 3: Hook up USB card reader into computer and plug in Micro SD card into the reader.

Step 4: Run Win 32 Disk Imager and click on the folder button and locate the image file which you extracted in step 2.

Step 5: Choose the drive of your SD card (If you don’t know the drive letter of your SD card you can locate it in My Computer) and click on write button.

Step 6: Once progress is 100% complete, browse SD card and you should be able to see MLO file, u-boot.bin, uImage file and uRamdisk file. If you can’t find these file you need to format your card and repeat the steps 3 to 6.

Step 7: Now safely remove the SD card and insert it into Nook Color. Before placing the card into Nook Color make sure that it’s completely turned off and is not hooked up with computer.

Step 8: After inserting the SD card connect Nook Color to your computer using USB cable, this will turn on your Nook color even though screen will remain black. Now Nook Color is booting up using the SD card data. At this stage you might encounter windows error regarding device drivers but ignore those complaints and close them.

Step 9: (1) If you are using are using Auto-nooter for Nook Color 1.0.0 you need to wait for 5 minutes after connecting USB cable from Nook Color to your computer and windows shows your device. After 5 minutes first remove the USB cable from the computer and than remove the SD card. Now you need to boot the Nook color by holding the power button for 15 seconds after which Nook Color will boot into the boot animation and new boot process.

(2) If you are using auto nooter for Nook Color software version 1.0.1 it will automatically boot into the boot animation and new boot process once the process is finished.

(3) If you are using auto nooter for Nook Color software version 1.1 Nook Color will reboot automatically boot into the boot animation and new boot process but don’t sign in on the android welcome screen and enable location services upon during start up options. Launch youtube after connecting to your home wifi network, Login to your gmail account (if you used Gmail account during B&N registration, use the same account) through My Channel after clicking on menu button. Now exit youtube which you launched earlier through extras and run Gmail through extras. Exit gmail after synchronizing your account with android. Accept the terms and condition of Market. Finally your Nook Color is successfully rotted.

You are all done. Now you can go Android market and download your favorite applications. Don’t forget to try Android Honeycomb 3.0 on your Nook Color using SD card. Also remember rooting Nook will void your warranty and inspiredgeek will not be responsible for any damage.

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  • Eladio

    How can I unroot the nook to root it again if I messip the original rooting process?

    • Jawwad

      Please look for the article on unbricking the Nook that we published some time ago.

  • Scott

    Hey InspiredGeek,

    Can you guys please date these articles (on the page, yes the date is in the URL)? At least put an “Updated: (Date goes here)” line in the header so we can see how recent the article is.

    Also, any word on when we will receive an update on rooting the Nook with the 1.2 update? Thanks!

    • Jawwad

      Yeah for 1.2 lets see how things go but we will make it live as soon as we have something for you. As for the date you can see it on the homepage for each post as for on the single pages I will think about it. You can always see the date from URL till then.

  • Lisa

    I have a NookColor (1.1.0), which I rooted. Now that BN has come out with the 1.2 update, do I have to unroot and then update and root again? Will the root work with the 1.2 update? Should I leave it and wait it out, and, if so, will there be any way around “unrooting”? Thanks.

    • Jawwad

      Lisa I am not completely sure at this time but most probably you will have to go to stock reroot it again and then apply the new root for 1.2. I will put a simple guide very soon to unroot it. BTW have you seen the latest guide in the Nook section for rooting the 1.2 that we published today using manual nooter? But for now it does have problems with Market visibility so you might want to wait.

      • Lisa

        Thank you. A simple guide would be fantastic and I will wait for an autonooter!! I asked a similiar question below – please disregard. I posted on a couple of boards and got a bit confused!! Just to be clear – “going to stock” = “unroot”????

  • Rick

    Hello there.

    exist a auto nooter that works with the 1.2 update released recently by B&N?
    Should i try the auto nooter 3.0?
    Thank you.

    • Jawwad

      @Rick simeple answer is NO but we should have an Auto Nooter version that works for 1.2 very soon… so keep your fingers crossed….

  • http://none the meister

    be patient, folks, wait for someone to update autonooter to handle the new NOOK COLOR froyo update.

    its only been a few days since the update, so relax.


    • Jawwad


  • Lisa

    Probably a dumb question – forgive my non-tech-i-ness. For those of us that have used the autonooter (for 1.1.) to root already, do you suppose an updated autonooter will require unrooting and then re-rooting? Or, will it just be a simple download update? I think you know what I am hoping to hear!!!

  • Lisa

    One more quick question: Has anyone who is rooted actually had the 1.2 update successfully pushed to them? I know it will not work manually. If so, what happened?

    • Uwe

      I had no problem at all with manual update to 1.2. However, 1.2 itself is not making the nook a real Froyo tablet. Is is still mostly a reader without access to the generic Android market and apps and buggy WiFi connectivity. Waiting for AutoNooter for 1.2 …

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  • Q*bert

    I am dying for the autonooter update for 1.2. My nook updated itself over 2 weeks ago, and wiped out my root. Any word on when it will come out? I hate to nag, the devs do great work. Any estimation would be great. Thanks

  • Ethan

    i am seemingly, incappable of rooting my new nook, i follow the guides exactly, except it never flashes, and therefore i cannot root, any ideas?

  • Renee

    Hope this isn’t a dumb question but, can you root the Nook classic (not the color nook)?

  • Renee

    I have the nook 3G WI-FI. Can I root it?

  • Bert Yancoskie

    When will the autonooter be out for color nook 1.3?

    • EV1Driver

      I would like to echo that question. I just purchased a Nook for my wife to replace the awkward inexpensive Kindle she received as a present, which we returned.

      Unfortunately the Nook is V 1.3 which as yet does not have a matching AutoNooter. I am waiting with baited breath since I am too ignorant to code it myself.

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