Run Android Froyo 2.2 from bootable SD card on Nook Color using Windows – Step by step guide

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If you want Android tablet which is more faster and powerful than Samsung Galaxy Tab, read this guide and find out how  to convert your $199 Nook Color into fully functional Android tablet running Froyo 2.2 using bootable SD card. Because you are using SD card your warranty will not void. Mac users please click here for guide on how to make Bootable SD card for color Nook running Android Froyo 2.2.


-Nook Color

-Micro SD card at least 2gb or larger

-USB SD card reader

- Win 32 disk Imager

- Latest version Virtual Image of Nookie Froyo for Nook color device

Now follow the instructions:

Step 1: Download Win 32 disk Imager and unzip its contents into a folder.

Step 2: Download the compatible Latest version Virtual Image of Nookie Froyo for Nook color device and unzip its contents (contains image file) preferably using winrar.

Step 3: Hook up USB card reader into computer and plug in Micro SD card into the reader.

Step 4: Run Win 32 Disk Imager and click on the folder button and locate the image file which you extracted in step 2.

Step 5: Choose the drive letter of your SD card (If you don’t know the drive letter of your SD card you can locate it in My Computer) and click on write button.

Step 6: Once progress is 100% complete, you can exit win 32 disk imager.

Step 7: Safely remove the SD card from the computer. Now, Power off your Nook Color and slide the SD card into the Nook. Turn on your Nook Color and it should load Nookie Froyo.

Now you are ready to use Android Froyo 2.2 on your Nook Color without rooting the nook color and voiding the warranty. Don’t forget to try running Android Honeycomb 3.0 on your Nook Color. For how to make bootable SD card for Nook Color running Honeycomb guide click here. If you are planning to root your Nook color device all versions please click here.

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  • Bricked my SD Card

    Followed all instructions. Nook is Ver 1.1. Nook will not boot from the SD card. Computer can no longer see the SD card. Is there a fix?

  • perfect android solution for nook

    I just booted my nook without using SD card and it loaded android. Touch screen response is little sluggish but it’s working perfectly. Installed angery birds and runs like a cham, no lag, amazing high resolution graphics.

    • Pinkie20202

      Did the market place show up for you… I cant see on my Nook… How can I download apps

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  • Windows 7 x64 User
  • Curious

    Just wondering, if this doesn’t void the warranty does that mean I can just shut down my NC, take out the card and boot back to normal? Then just follow step seven anytime I want to play angry birds?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    • omar

      yes, exactly how it works- I just need to figure out how to get market working but if you reboot without card it never knows it was running another personality :)

  • arise

    Just tried this one (I had problems with HC) and when it gets the the main page it has all kinds of forced closed programs… help?

  • Mike

    I did everything and it booted up but there is no market. Is there suppose to be and how do I get it. Not much use without it

    • Duane

      I have the same problem. Like you said not much use without market access. I tried to load items from the market online but I keep getting a message about no android devices available.

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  • Pinkie20202

    Don’t know how to download apps… HELP

  • Marcia Mason

    I did everything but when I tried to download apps an error message is saying download failed and it cannot find the wifi connection it seems to think my NC is an android phone…please help.

  • adiphead

    so i installed it but all that happens when i insert the microsd card is it says Android after the loading screen and nothing happens. what am i missing? i’m running the newest version of the Nook os that come on it, 1.0.1. i think. i had android 2.3 (i think) before but it installed to the actual device and when i turned it off, it wouldnt come back on so i decided i wanted to try froyo instead

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