Unlocked IPAD 2 3G is Sold on AT&T

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When original iPad was released on At&t it was unlocked and could be used on other carries in the US. IPad 2 was released by Apple on At&t few days ago and few experts were predicting that iPad 2 will carrier locked. We got a bad news today from iPhone developers, iPhone Dev teams & iH8sn0w, that Limera1n and SHatter exploit are fixed in iPad 2 bootrom. Today in the morning we got the good news from MuscleNered who confirmed on Twitter that iPad sold in the US is unlocked so it can be used on other carriers. He also included image of iPad using Tmobile 3G service.

ipad21 | Unlocked IPAD 2 3G is Sold on AT&T

unlocked | Unlocked IPAD 2 3G is Sold on AT&T

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  • Vidhyasagar

    Is this a Jail broken ipad 2, since i m seeing a iSSH app installed in the ipad

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