Enable Multi-Tasking (Multi-Touch) Gestures in Your Old or New iPad 2 – No Jailbreak Needed (5 Step Guide)!

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image29 | Enable Multi Tasking (Multi Touch) Gestures in Your Old or New iPad 2 – No Jailbreak Needed (5 Step Guide)! As you might already know iPad 2 is now available to the general public for purchase from March 11th. However, there is one very neat feature that Apple is hiding underneath the iOS 4.3 both for the old and new iPad 2! I am talking about the multi-tasking (multi-touch) gestures that are buried down-under in the iOS 4.3. They are not visible and so can’t even be enabled by default. We are expecting based on some reports that these might be enabled in the upcoming iOS 5.0. We have already told you on how to enable them if you are using the iOS 4.3 GM. But, now it is possible to enable them even if you have a non-jailbroken device! This is possible because these gestures are available to the developers and if you purchase and install the Xcode 4 (from Max OS  X App store) you will be able to enable multi-touch gestures.Only downside is that you will have to shell-out $5 out of your hard earned money.

Here is the procedure:

1. Execute the  Xcode application and also connect your iPad to the PC. It will appear in the Xcode’s devices list.
3. Click on the "Use for development" button.
4. It will ask to enter your iOS developer credentials but click cancel here. An error is generated but disregard it.
5. After developer mode is activated, proceed to iPad general preferences and turn on the new multi-gestures.

6. Enjoy!

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