iOS 4.3 Brings Major Gains in JavaScript Performance in Safari Over iOS 4.2.1!

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Now iOS 4.3 is already there and we already know that some of the notable improvements include the personal hot spot and home sharing feature. In addition, it also includes major improvements to the Safari web browser. This improved performance for the Safari in iOS 4.3 comes from the use of Nitro engine that is same as being used in the desktop version of the Safari. Now according to some results conducted by Anandtech Sun Spider Java Script benchmark is showing major gains for the Safari performance as compared to the one in iOS 4.2.1. More specifically java script performance is twice as fast as on the Safari in iOS 4.2.1! So, Apple’s claim that the new engine is twice as fast as the old one is not that far from the reality after all. Here is snippet of the result:

image30 | iOS 4.3 Brings Major Gains in JavaScript Performance in Safari Over iOS 4.2.1!

Although, this is a synthetic benchmark but still it gives the general feel about the speedy performance of the browser.

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