Root Nook Color and Install Clockwork Recovery, Google Apps Including YouTube, Gmail and Market Using Monster Root Pack

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I posted earlier a guide on how to root your Nook Color device and install market using auto nooter. XDA-Developers member thecubed introduced a method for rooting Nook Device and installing Clockware Recovery and Google apps including Youtube, Live wallpapers, Gingerbread Keyboard, Calculator and Gmail together using Bootable Monster RootPack. This guide will describe how to root your Nook Color, install Clockware Recovery and Google apps.

iphone root | Root Nook Color and Install Clockwork Recovery, Google Apps Including YouTube, Gmail and Market Using Monster Root Pack


-Nook Color with USB cable

-Micro SD card at least 1GB or larger

-The latest Bootable Monster RootPack

-The latest Bootable Clockwork SD

-Google Apps

-USB SD card reader

- Win 32 disk Imager

Now follow the instructions:

Step 1: Download the latest Bootable Monster RootPack and unzip its contents (contains image file) preferably using winrar. After extracting you should be able to see rootpack_1gb.img file in the folder.

Step 2: Hook up USB card reader into computer and plug in Micro SD card into the reader.

Step 3: Download Win 32 disk Imager and unzip its contents into a folder.

Step 4: Run Win 32 Disk Imager and click on the folder button and locate the image file which you extracted in step 1.

Step 5: Choose the drive of your SD card (If you don’t know the drive letter of your SD card you can locate it in My Computer) and click on write button.

Step 6: Once progress is 100% complete, you can safely remove the SD card and insert it into Nook Color. Before placing the card into Nook Color make sure that it’s completely turned off and is not hooked up with computer.

Step 7: After inserting the SD car, turn you nook device back on and it should load Clockwork Recovery menu. Here is the key on how to navigate through the menus of Clockwork Recovery

-To navigate through the menus use volume key (Up and Down)

-To select use home key

-To go back use power key

Step 8: you should be able to see two folders in the root of SD, rooting and extras. First navigate to SDcard:\rooting\Software Version\ Select the file after choosing the software version of your nook color to root your device.

Step 9: Now navigate to SDcard:\rooting\Software Version\ Again select the software version of your Nook Color to install This action will result in installation of Google applications including YouTube, Live wallpapers, Gingerbread Keyboard, Calculator and Gmail.

Step 10: Now you can navigate to extras folder and you should be able to see 4 files, (To install Clokwork Recovery on your Nook Color), (To remove Clokwork Recovery from your Nook Color), (To block OTA update to Nook Color Firmware to 1.1) and (To unblock OTA update to Nook Color Firmware to 1.1). Install the and package.

Step 11: Navigate back to the main menu and remove the SD card before rebooting your device. Your Nook Color will boot automatically into the boot animation from where you can skip the welcome screen and sign in. Now enable location services during start up options, Launch YouTube after connecting to your home Wi-Fi network and login using your Gmail account. Now exit YouTube which you launched earlier and run Gmail through extras. Exit Gmail after synchronizing your account with android. Accept the terms and condition of Market. Finally your Nook Color is successfully rotted.

You are all done. Now you can go to Android market and download your favorite applications including my favorite, Launcher Pro. Don’t forget to try Android Honeycomb 3.0 on your Nook Color using SD card. Also remember rooting Nook will void your warranty and InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage.

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