How to Make a Complete Backup of Your Nookie Froyo/Nookie Honeycomb installed SD Card ?

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Nook color2 | How to Make a Complete Backup of Your Nookie Froyo/Nookie Honeycomb installed SD Card ?

If you are one of the proud owners of a Nook Color device and used one of our guides on how to install an Android Froyo or Android Honeycomb then you know the importance of backing-up your data on the SD card before doing any further “experimentation” without messing around that is already working .


Here we describe a simple method on backing up your SD card contents in it’s entirety just in case something bad happens you have something to resort to! Right?

So, just follow this simple procedure (for Windows):

Step 1: First download Win32DiskImager from here before you proceed any further and if you don’t have it already.

Step 2: Now unzip it anywhere on HDD and run the executable file.

Step 3: Now select where you will save your IMG file and choose a name for it.

Step 4: Select your card’s mount letter (i.e.: ‘G:’)

Step 5: Now select the "Read" option (NOT "WRITE")

Step 6: Now wait for a little while (note that program isn’t frozen!) An image for your card should now be made (Partition Format and all) to the IMG file.


Simply follow the same method described above to Restore but Choose "Write" instead (NOT “Read”) and it will create an exact copy of the disk so you can restore like nothing bad happened at all!

Cool isn’t it?

Ah! and don’t forget to try our other related guides for example, running Android Honeycomb 3.0 on your Nook Color. For how to make bootable SD card for Nook Color running Honeycomb guide click here. If you are planning to root your Nook color device all versions please click here.


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  • ChessMaster

    Worked wonderfully when I got a larger and higher class SD card to replace, thanks. The only problem is when I reboot, it decides to start EVERY SINGLE APP and that makes it really slow, but thats not your fault.

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