Easily Tweak/Customize Internet Explorer 9 Settings Using Tweak IE9

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Internet Explorer has recently been officially released by Microsoft. Overall it is an impressive product and a significant improvement over the previous iterations of this popular web browser. As soon as IE 9 has launched there are already some tools starting to come to light that allows to tweak the Internet Explorer 9 user interface and other aspects to a users likings. One such tool is called Tweak IE9 that allows to customize a number of Inter Explorer 9 settings from nice single window interface.

From the UI perspective some of the notable possibilities are to enable/disable menu bar on top feature, enable/disable the use for clear type font rendering, hide/show stausbar etc..

image37 | Easily Tweak/Customize Internet Explorer 9 Settings Using Tweak IE9

For the Startup a nice option for some users might be to have to ability to start the Internet Explorer 9 in full screen mode. As for the Download section you can set a directory for the downloads as well as a notifications when a download has finished.

One very interesting feature in the Security section that might be interested for some paranoid users is the ability to always start the browser in the “Private Browsing” mode!

Another nice thing about this utility is that it allows to completely undo all the tweak that are made in case you want to go back for some reason. You can download the Tweak IE9 from here.

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