Take Photos & Record Video Both at the Same Time on iPhone 3G/3GS, 4 , iPad 1, 2 or iPod Touch 4G Using QuickCam!

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As we have seen a rapid increase in the use of iPhone camera by it’s users to take photos and even capture some quick video clips, on some special occasion, or just when going outside for a fun party etc. In that sense, iPhone camera has replaced the traditional point & shoot cameras that people used to carry around. There are mainly two reasons for this trend. First iPhone is lightweight and easier carry around than most other dedicated point&shoot cameras (and of course it is a smartphone also!). While the second reason I think is that the recent iPhone releases particularly iPhone 4 has reasonably good camera – not only it can capture nice stills but also has a very decent 720p video capturing mode. This rapid adoption of the iPhone as a camera has triggered the arrival of many dedicated iPhone camera applications. While, the built-in iPhone application is nice, it don’t provides some more advanced option as these third party camera applications. While most of sophisticated iPhone camera applications are not for free, there are indeed freeware alternatives including the excellent GorillaCam that we reviewed earlier. But most of the camera application while does provide many features but the controls are complicated or cumbersome and not very intuitive.

Today I want to introduce an iPhone camera application that not only provides very intuitive and simple controls for taking quick snapshots as well as recording video, but also has some really unique features. Well, first of all this application called QuickCam provides the ability to record video as well as take quick snapshots both at the same time as the video is being recorded! Impressive isn’t it? Then if you want to capture stills in burst mode you only need to press and hold the still button in the application for that function. Furthermore, application launch time as well the lag between taking two successive pictures are really much smaller then the default camera application available on the iOS devices.

Here is the list of the key Quick Cam features:

- Simple rapid capture – just hold the still button!
- Take photos WHILE taking video!
- Fastest camera startup available (after 1st launch)
- Easier controls (zoom, flashlight, auto-flash)
- Saves directly to the camera roll with no waiting!

And here are some quick numbers for the comparison with the default camera application provided in the iOS (numbers provided by the developer):

App startup time:
Stock Camera: ~2.5sec
QuickCam: < 1 sec

Minimum time between pictures:
Stock Camera: > 1 sec
QuickCam: ~0.6 sec

Burst rate for stills (iPhone 4):
Stock Camera: Not available
QuickCam: ~2fps back cam, ~5fps front cam (hold the still button)

Time to switch from photo to video mode:
Stock Camera: ~1.8sec
QuickCam: Not required / automatic

If you are impressed by the unique features that QuickCam application provides then you might want to download it from the Apple App Store for a mere $0.99! Note that QuickCam does not support 3G devices! As well as it requires an iOS 4.1 or a later version.

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