[Tip] How to Lunch Multiple Programs/ Files at Once with a Single Click in Windows?

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Normally in Windows a user can lunch any desired executable file with a double click on the file. Same is true for the other files such as document files, audio/video files that are opened in this case with the associated program in Windows. However, there are some cases a user might want to launch multiple programs at once for example: to start the Excel when launching MS Word, or running a time-tracking application whenever starting a development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio to track the time spent on a particular programming project. Of course, there are many similar scenarios to this that can be handled in batter way by using a utility that allows to launch/run multiple programs at once.

MultiFire is once such nice little free utility for Windows that makes this lunching of multiple executable files (or any other file or URL) a breeze. It is a very simple program program without any GUI. What you need to do to is to create simple text file probably in notepad and put all the files with the complete paths each on a singe line (as shown in the example below) and save the text file with a .multifire extension. Now whenever you want to batch launch these programs that you defined in the file just double-click that to launch them all at once!



You can get MultiFire for free from here.

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