A Straight Forward Method to Dual Boot Android and Windows Mobile on the HTC HD2!

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rundroid | A Straight Forward Method to Dual Boot Android and Windows Mobile on the HTC HD2!HTC HD2 is an insanely popular Windows mobile device particularly among hacker community, and system tweakers out there. Device by itself is very capable and supports a 1GHz snapdragon processor, a high resolution screen and 4.3 inch large screen. But unfortunately, device ships with a somewhat ancient Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. There are many guides available on the Internet that allows to install different Android versions on the device. But up till now there was not any easy way to dual boot the Windows and Android both on the same device.

That has all changed because now a member from XDA developers forum has come up with a tool called RunDroid that allows to dual boot the Windows Mobile OS and Android both on the same device. In other words, you can easily switch between the two when booting the device. At the start you will need to have computer to launch the file explorer and execute the application, but after that it will popup every time you reboot the HTC HD2 device and then a nice boot menu will be presented to boot either the Windows Mobile or Android OS.

Actually application picks the Windows Mobile installation from the device internals memory while the Android should be installed on the external SD card memory. If there are multiple versions of the Android installed on the external storage then all of them will be listed to boot the device. Very convenient tool I must say!

Look at the XDA developers forum for more information and a download of the RunDroid  tool.


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