Enable True Real-time Dropbox Syncing on Android Devices Using Titanium Media Sync

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image2 | Enable True Real time Dropbox Syncing on Android Devices Using Titanium Media SyncDropbox is one of the most popular and most intuitive cloud-based folder synchronization service that has a client available for both iOS based devices as well as Android devices. One thing that is common in terms of functionality (or a lack of) is absence of real-time (continuous) folder synchronization between the local folder and your data on the cloud compared to their their desktop counterpart. This can be quite tedious for many users of these devices to manually upload all the files to the cloud from the Dropbox client.

Luckily for the Android users, I have noticed there is a very nice application available in the Android Market called Titanium Media Sync that allows to perform real-time syncing of the user selected folders on the local Android device and cloud storage. However, this real-time/continuous syncing option is only valid for the files (audio, video, data etc.) that you put in the locally selected folders. It will not synchronize automatically the other way round in real-time– say if a remote folder has changed, for that you will have to manually sync with the remote. This is done to save battery life. As you can see in the pictures it allows to sync both on the Wi-fi and 3G connection.

Titanium Media Sync 1 | Enable True Real time Dropbox Syncing on Android Devices Using Titanium Media SyncTitanium Media Sync 2 | Enable True Real time Dropbox Syncing on Android Devices Using Titanium Media Sync

Interface is very simple to navigate as it is based on two columns, where left column shows the local folders (on SD card) while the right column shows the remote cloud data folders. A drag&drop of a folder from left column to right allows to setup that folder for real-time sync. While on the other hand, if you drag&drop a folder from right to left – it’s contents will synced locally. Simple isn’t it?

As you can see this a huge improvement over the official application provided for the Dropbox. BTW you don’t need to install the official Dropbox application to make this one work. Another point is that you cannot sync files larger than 300MB is size – this is because of the Drop box’s own limitations.

You can get the Titanium Media Sync for all Android based devices from Android Market for a price of $2.99. I think this is a must have application for any avid Dropbox user that also has an Android device.

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