One Click Root Method for HTC Thunderbolt in Windows Available

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Thunderbold | One Click Root Method for HTC Thunderbolt in Windows AvailableHTC Thunderbolt is one of the newest and most well rounded mobile phones released by HTC. Features wise device supports a  1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (QSD8255) CPU, Adreno 205 GPU, 768 MB RAM and a 4.3 inch screen size along an impressive 8 megapixel camera. HTC Thunderbolt has received generally positive reviews. Only drawbacks pointed out by some experts are related to a single core CPU and a subpar battery life.

If you are using one of these nice Thunderbolts there is a great once click root method available courtesy of Captainkrtek – an XDA forum Moderator!

This is basically a batch file made specifically to root HTC Thunderbolt in Windows. There is a pretty simple guide to follow and also includes instruction and where to download the included files.

Please make note of the following Prerequisites for this one click root method to work:

  • Installed drivers
  • Android SDK Installed with working ADB
  • with contents extracted to your ADB dir
  • Downgrade RUU
  • A Thunderbolt running 605.6 or 605.9 Firmware

All the needed files can be downloaded here.

For downloading the One click root script and further discussion head to the XDA developers forum.

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