Organize & Consolidate Multiple Program Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar To Avoid Tab Clutter Using Bins

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image3 | Organize & Consolidate Multiple Program Icons In Windows 7 Taskbar To Avoid Tab Clutter Using Bins

One of the many new features included in the Windows 7 was a vastly improved taskbar/superbar. One of the exciting features supported by the new revamped taskbar in Windows 7 is the ability to pin the items to taskbar. It can be very useful to quickly launch application without going through the start menu. However, if you have lot of favorite windows programs that you use regularly then you might attempt to pin all of them to the taskbar to have a quick access. As you will notice the taskbar becomes quite crowded/cluttered quickly say if you put a dozen pinned items there.

Fortunately, for Windows 7 users this issue can easily remedied now as via a newly released application called Bins that allows to merge/consolidate multiple pinned item together in one Bin (or you can say a container). A quick hover over a Bin will give a quick peek at the contained item (using Aero Peek feature in Windows 7). In this way, a user can consolidate all the related items together in one Bin, i.e. Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox etc. This can significantly reduce the taskbar clutter.

To make a Bin just drag&drop one pinned item to the other and they consolidated together. Application places an icon in the system tray which can used to change settings such as temporarily disable the applications Bins feature. Bins can also be locked to avoid the accidental editing.

Please note that currently Bins is in a beta stage and there might by unexpected bugs here & there. You can get the latest version of the Bins for Windows 7 from here.

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