How to Enable Video/Display Mirroring on Your Original iPad 1 & iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.1 ?

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Display Mirroring 2 | How to Enable Video/Display Mirroring on Your Original iPad 1 & iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.1 ?

Back a couple of weeks of ago when Apple announced the iPad 2, one of the features that they highlighted was the capability of the device to do the video mirroring of the display output to a TV or HDTV etc. using one of the Apple display adopters. But that was only for the iPad 2, now it turns out that you can enable the system wide video mirroring on the iPad 1 as well! Of course, it requires to have a JB on the latest iOS 4.3.1, in case you haven’t done already you can use this detailed guide that we pushed out already to do untethered jailbreak for your iPad 1 on the iOS 4.3.1. It is reported that this hack does enable the display mirroring but it might not be as fluent/or responsive as on the iPad 2, probably because of the lower RAM and/or computing power.

Anyway here is the procedure for you curious guys & girls:

Step 1: Fire up your favorite SSH software and navigate to: system/library/coreservices/

Step 2: Download the K48AP.plist file on your computer;

Step 3: Add the string “display-mirroring boolean YES” as shown below:

Display Mirroring thumb | How to Enable Video/Display Mirroring on Your Original iPad 1 & iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.1 ?

Step 4: Now upload the modified file back to the iPad (make sure OpenSSH is installed on the iPad!), and restart the device;

Step 5: Start video mirroring using either the VGA or Digital AV Adapter.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Originally this hack is reported for the iPad 1 but it seems that it also works at least for the iPhone 4. For the iPhone 4 procedure is same just look for the file "N90AP.plist" instead of the "K48AP.plist" and you will be good!

Ah! and here is a demo showing the display mirroring in action on iPad 1:


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