BlueStacks Will Allow Running Android Applications on Your Windows Machine

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BlueStacks is a very nice application that uses the virtualization technology to bring the magic of Google Android to the Windows world. Basically it allows the full support for running any Android application on your PC in case you ever felt the need for that. Many people will be thinking that why someone will be interested to after all run these applications on a Windows machine with a physical keyboard and a mouse. And it is a valid question to ask but it might get more interesting if we see more tablets based on the Windows OS starting appear later this year. Application is quite impressive in running the Android applications on your Windows machine for example you can use the Android Skype application to make video calls using your physical computer camera! Although, Market will not be accessible when running the Android this way on Windows because of the restrictions put forward by the Google.

BlueStacks is not available yet but should be available later this year.


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