Windows 8 to Support Push Notifications, Screenshot Capturing and New Web Cam Application ?

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windows 8 login thumb5 | Windows 8 to Support Push Notifications, Screenshot Capturing and New Web Cam Application ?

We have already reported on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide (if early Windows 8 builds are any indication). But after the Windows 8 has leaked on the Internet there is a flurry of information coming our way about all kinds of new features that MS is planning to bake in the stable builds of the Windows 8. We have already mentioned about the interesting new feature called Portable Workspace in Windows 8 that will allow to run the OS from a thumb drive.

Now Win Rumors is reporting that Windows 8 build 7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508 contains a number of references to the following features heading our way:

  • Windows Push Notification Platform
  • Built-in screenshot snapping tool
  • Webcam Capture Application
  • Toasts and tiles
  • Create bootable USB Flash Devices

There are references to the new Microsoft Push Notification System in Windows 8 such as in the following files:

  • wpnapps.dll “Windows Push Notification Apps”
  • wpncore.dll “Windows Push Notification Core”
  • wpnprv.dll “Windows Push Notification Platform Connection Provider”

It still not very clear that how these push notifications will work, and if they will only be limited to the Microsoft Tablet UI interface, for that we have to wait and see.

It has also been discovered that TWINUI.DLL.MUI contains a number of references to the screenshot capturing and sharing features built right in to the Windows 8.

Other discovery is related to the new “Webcam Capture Application.” that will use the new Microsoft Metro UI. You can see a screenshot below:

win8webcamcapture | Windows 8 to Support Push Notifications, Screenshot Capturing and New Web Cam Application ?

Microsoft is also going to include CreateBootableUFD.exe which will allow users to create bootable USB flash devices. Note that this is not the same as the recently discovered feature that allows to run Windows 8 from a USB drive.

As you can see Microsoft is trying it’s best to come up with more innovations and better usability features for the it’s users in this upcoming release of Windows. We will keep monitoring that how all these features are integrated in the final builds of the Microsoft Windows 8, and we will keep you posted on new breaking news as ever…


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