Check This List of Root-Friendly Android Phones Before Making a Buying Decision!

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HTC | Check This List of Root Friendly Android Phones Before Making a Buying Decision!

As we know, Android is rapidly gaining more success and popularity in the mobile space, so does the count of the number of different smartphones that are coming to the market from a diverse set of manufacturers. One one hand, it provides variety for making a choice on a suitable Android phone for your needs, on the other hand it is increasing the Android market fragmentation in many ways. This is because, although all of these phones come with the Android OS, but the hardware capabilities might be quite different, and more importantly for the geeks out there that don’t settle on the stock setup of their phone and want to root their device to get the maximum flexibility may or may not have the most suitable phone in their hands in terms of rooting capability when they make a buying decision.

Creators of the great Unrevoked3 rooting tool that we reviewed earlier are providing a nice list of the Android phones on their website that are more “root friendly” as well as a list of phone which are not “root friendly” at all. Basically they categorize the phones in four tiers with the most desirable phones (in terms of rooting capability) in the Root Friendly category (1st tier), Great Choices (2nd tier), Good Choices (3rd tier), Poor Choices (4th tier). FYI, Google Nexus One and Nexus S belongs to the “Root Friendly” category!

Here is list of the phones that belong to the Tier1 (most “Root Friendly”):

image66 | Check This List of Root Friendly Android Phones Before Making a Buying Decision!

As you can see interestingly recently released Motorola Xoom tablet also belongs to this top most root-friendly tier.

Head over to their website to see the complete list.

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