Enable Dual-SIM Cards Functionality For Your iPhone 4 Using Rebel 2Phone [Includes Demo Video]

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dual sim | Enable Dual SIM Cards Functionality For Your iPhone 4 Using Rebel 2Phone [Includes Demo Video]

For some mobile phone users it can be extremely convenient if they have the luxury of using two SIM cards at the same time in their mobile phone. This can save the headache of keeping two separate phones at the all time with them. We already heard about some rumors flying around about the fact that this functionality might be coming to the iPhone 5. But now as there are some other rumors that are suggesting the delay in the iPhone 5 release, you might not want to wait until that time (& for now we are not even absolutely sure that this feature will be a part of the iPhone5). For these users there Rebel2Phone can be an interesting option. There are already some dual-SIM adopters available for the iPhone, but this Rebel2Phone option is different in the sense that it is a case that adds dual-SIM functionality to your iPhone 4 as well throws an extra 800mAH battery in the mix. Another point is that both SIMs remain active at the same time so you can receive calls on any of them at any time. Please note that after installing this case, a user is required to install an application called "Rebel 2Phone" and that as might expect requires a jailbroken iPhone. If you have some spare money Rebel2Phone can be an interesting option for your dual-SIM needs on an iPhone 4.

rebel 2phone dual stnaby iphone 4 case 06 | Enable Dual SIM Cards Functionality For Your iPhone 4 Using Rebel 2Phone [Includes Demo Video]

How does it work?:

  • iPhone 4 case that has a built-in quadband GSM phone and battery in a aesthetically appealing case
  • Also has built-in 800mAH battery
  • Users only need to add their second sim Normal Mini size card or a micro sim with a micro to mini sim adapter.
  • Jailbreak is Required to install the Rebel 2Phone iPhone application.


Benefits for Active Rebel 2Phone Dual Sim for iPhone 4:

  • Active Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time.
  • Using multiple SIM cards allows the user to take advantage of different pricing plans for calls and text messages to certain destinations as well as mobile data usage.
  • You can use more 2 sim card on your iPhone 4 to make and receive calls simultaneously.
  • This is true standby.
  • Rebel 2Phone has its own GSM phone(use iPhone 4 screen mic speaker etc.) built into our own case, hence, you can receive call simultaneously. This is true dual standby.
  • Built-in 1700mAh Battery. This battery is used to power the phone in our case or can you be used as a power extender for your iPhone Battery.
  • If you run low on battery on your iPhone you can use the battery from the Rebel 2Phone Case to charge your iPhone.
  • Does not use any power from your iPhone. Has it own built-in battery that power the active dual sim.
    Prevent your iPhone 4 from scratches.
  • Make Calls with even Locked iPhones. Dont be stuck using your iPhone 4 as an iPod.

In the mean time have a look at the following video for the visual demonstration of what Rebel 2Phone has to offer for you:

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