Increase the Screen Sensitivity of Your Windows Mobile Device [Tip]

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5611 | Increase the Screen Sensitivity of Your Windows Mobile Device [Tip]If you are tired of the low screen sensitivity on your otherwise very nice Windows mobile device? Then you can rejoice as olyloh6696 from the XDA developers forum has posted some guideline to increase the screen sensitivity of a Windows mobile device to the maximum allowed pressure point. It involves some registry changes on the device after which your device will require much lighter pressure/touch to register the same changes than before.

Note that this tweak is potentially risky and you may end-up failing your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility!

Here is the method according to the developer:

I have found tips over the forums on how to improve the screen sensitivity of your WinMo resistive touchscreen
1) When calibrating your screen, tap the cursor hairs as accurately and as lightly as possible. I use a toothpick for this, it has a fine tip. You will notice immediately how much more responsive your screen is!
2) Another method I found was:
a) Install Attached .cab / Reg Tweak
b) Soft Reset
c) Be Amazed at your Screen Sensitivity!
This is a little .cab file / reg tweak created by kevinpwhite (all credits to him)

Head over the original thread to get the file which required for the procedure as well as for more details and discussion.


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