iFile – An Advanced File Manager for iPhone Now Supports Dropbox!

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iFile is one of the most impressive file mangers available for the iPhone. It addition to the usual delete, copy, cut, paste, rename operations on the files, it also supports other advanced operations such as view, compress, uncompress files. It supports bookmarking files/folders, searching folder hierarchies, editing of files (including HTML, text files, property list files) and files attributes. One of the very useful feature is launching of related application to view files of a specific type from within the application. Also supports up to 8 browser tabs. It does support countless other features, and for this reason is one of the most popular application on Cydia. Here is a more detailed look at the features of the iFile:

large image20 | iFile   An Advanced File Manager for iPhone Now Supports Dropbox!Screen shot 2011 04 18 at 16.37.11 | iFile   An Advanced File Manager for iPhone Now Supports Dropbox!

    • Integrated File Browser with support for
      • Creation, deletion, copy, cut (move), paste or zipping of multiple files or directories at once
      • Renaming of files or directories
      • Bookmarking of files and folders
      • Searching files hierarchically
      • Emailing of one or more files with Apple MobileMail
      • Editing of text files, HTML files and property list files
      • Editing of file attributes (name, owner, group, permission, modification date)
      • File passing to other AppStore apps
      • Opening of files of various file types from other apps in iFile
    • Up to 8 file browser tabs
    • Full integration of Dropbox with support for copy, cut, paste, directory creation, file renaming and local caching
    • Integrated Web Server with download and upload capability for files to current directory of File Browser
    • WebDAV support of Web Server to use iFile as network drive
    • File transfer via Bluetooth to iFile on other device
    • File transfer via Celeste to another device
    • Import of songs, videos and books into iPod library via Gremlin library
    • Installation of Debian packages (deb)
    • Extraction of various compressed file types including password protected zip and rar files.
    • File Viewers with support for following file types
      • Sound File Types: aac, aiff, aif, aifc, amr, alac, caf, m4a, m4r, mp2, mp3, mpga, pcm, snd, wav, wma
      • Text File Types: c, cfg, cnf, conf, cpp, css, h, j, java, js, list, log, m, mm, nib, php, plist, script, sh, strings, txt, xib
      • Movie File Types: mov, mp4, mpv, m4v, 3gp, 3g2, 3gpp2
      • Image File Types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tiff, tif, bmp, crw, cr2, erf, raf, 3fr, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, nef, orf, rw2, pef, arw, sr2, svg
      • Document File Types: rtf, html, htm, pdf
      • Microsoft File Types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, pptx
      • Apple iWork File Types: pages, numbers, key
      • Other File Types: zip, 7z, deb, rar, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.Z, tgz, tbz2, gz, bz2, Z, xml
      • File Types via External Viewers:
        • SQLite3: sqlite3, sqlitedb, db (available here or in Cydia)
  • Interaction with other Tweaks/Applications (Cydia):
    • Safari Download Manager: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
    • AttachmentSaver: Allows to open saved files directly in iFile.
    • Music Controls: allows to interact with iFile’s Audio Player e.g. on Lock Screen etc.

As you can see the feature-set is substantial and even rivals some advanced file managers available on the Windows! Now an interesting point that makes the use of this application even more exciting is the support of Dropbox which has been integrated in the latest release of the iFile. This Dropbox is integrated quite well in the latest version, here is some information on that:

  • Copy/move from local file system to Dropbox, from Dropbox to local file system, from Dropbox to Dropbox.
  • Create new folders in Dropbox.
  • Edit filename for files and folders on Dropbox.
  • Show thumbnails in file browser if they are available from Dropbox – supported in 32×32 and 64×64 (retina) resolution.
  • Downloaded files and thumbnails get cached locally.
  • The Dropbox cache can be cleared in Preferences.
  • A user can link to and unlink from Dropbox via Preferences.
  • Pressing Home button on a Dropbox tab gets the user to Dropbox root directory.


Of course you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone to use the iFile. On that front please our latest jailbreak guides. iFile is available from Cydia for $4.


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