A Simple Way to Burn Xbox And Xbox 360 Game ISO Images

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Xbox and Xbox 360 users who have the ISO images saved for the purchased games might want to burn these images to DVDs to play games on their respective console. Of course, there are already some very nice CD/DVD burning tools available such as the free ImgBurn and Infra Recorder that can be used to burn game ISO images for both Xbox and Xbox 360. But the problem is most of these tools are more general purpose and can be very complicated for the new users. As a result probability of burning a faulty DVD is high.

XBoxBurner Win32 | A Simple Way to Burn Xbox And Xbox 360 Game ISO Images

A tool called XBoxBurner can greatly simplify this process as it is designed specifically for the purpose of burning Xbox and Xbox 360 game images to the DVD. Tool is very simple to use it has a very straight forward interface as you can see above. A user just need to select the image file to burn, set the burning speed, set the layer break option and finally hit the Start to initiate the burning process. After the completion don’t forget to look at the Log tab to see if there were any problems during the burning process, or it was burned successfully.

- Burns XBox and XBox360 game images
- Infos for burner and media
- Maximum media compatibility with DVD-ROM
- Progress bar for burning and buffers
- Log for info and error analysis

XBoxBurner is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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