Easily Set a Single Video or a Playlist as Screensaver in Windows Using Video Screensaver

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video screensave | Easily Set a Single Video or a Playlist as Screensaver in Windows Using Video Screensaver

Despite all the advances and incremental improvements in terms of new functionality/features in Windows 7 as compared to the previous versions, there are still some features completely ignored by Microsoft which might be very useful for some users. Take an example of the Screensaver, apparently as I can see there is no way to set any video of your liking to be screensaver. This feature could be very interesting for some Windows users. Although, back in the days screensaver were used to reduce the screen burn-in effect on CRT displays because of the same image being displayed on screen for extended periods of time. In this era where LCD displays are so prevalent, I don’t see this as a problem, but screensavers are still used at least for at least one reason – coolness factor. This is particularly true about the video screensavers.

Anyway, if you are missing the video screensaver feature in your version of Windows you can try a small application called Video Screensaver to add this feature. Well, the name is pretty self explanatory. It provides an interface to create a playlist of videos of your choice and then these videos can be played in order or random order, once the screensaver becomes active. You can also set the idle time-out for the video screensaver. Software is tiny in size (just 39KB!) and you can grab it here. Program is completely portable but requires .NET framework 3.0 to run. It should work in all major versions of Microsoft Windows.

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