How to Bulk Download User Image Galleries, Favorites and Scrap From deviant Art ? [Tip]

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       ss1 | How to Bulk Download User Image Galleries, Favorites and Scrap From deviant Art ? [Tip]ss2 | How to Bulk Download User Image Galleries, Favorites and Scrap From deviant Art ? [Tip]

deviant Art is considered as the largest online showcase of the user generated artistic content most notably artwork produced in the form of images. It has been there for more than a decade now, and it’s popularity has increased substantially over the last couple of years. It is a treasure island for the users interested in any kind of artwork. deviant Art website works quite well if you are casual surfer, and say views only a couple of pages there, and may be save 10 – 15 of your favorite images. Unfortunately this method don’t work very well for the more extensive users of the site that browses hundreds of pages there and want to save many favorite images to their computer for the future reference. Problem is that the process becomes quite tedious as you have to manually open each file and save it in your browser.

There have been some tools available online already that can automate the image downloading process from deviant Art where say a user can enter the deviant Art  user name of a person, and then the software can download the entire gallery automatically to the user computer! Well at least this how it should work out in theory, but unfortunately according to my research I was unable to find a single software that can (properly) bulk download a complete user gallery out of deviant Art . Every other software has a problem to download the entire galleries one way or the other (this includes even shareware software such as BID). This is probably because deviant Art  tends to change the layout of their site quite often and that can break the parsers of many such software. Finally after spending a lot of time, I managed to find a tool that was up to the challenge and best of all it is available for free!

I am talking about a software called deviant Art Gallery Ripper (dAgr) that is in fact a very simple batch download utility that allows to download every single deviation attached to any deviant Artist. Note that it can also grab flash files and extractable in any deviant Art gallery, in addition to the images. As for the procedure a user just needs to enter a  deviant Art user name for which he want to download the gallery (also supports queue function), favorites or scrap and then just hit on the Download button. A user can see a live preview of all the images that are getting downloaded in real-time. In addition, note that to download any mature content you must enter a working username & password for a deviant Art account. This tool is quite simple and straight forwards and more importantly it WORKS as compared to the many other tools that I tried. Unfortunately for the time being it is missing a few important features that will hopefully be added in a future release. One of them is the support of updating an already downloaded gallery.

This software is a must have for any heavy deviant Art user (should I say downloader!), particularly considering this is one of the very few that actually works. It should be noted that this software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above to be installed in Windows. You can grab the latest version of the deviant Art Gallery Ripper (dAgr) for free from here.

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