PotPlayer is THE Next Generation of KMPlayer – An Advanced Multimedia Player

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image88 | PotPlayer is THE Next Generation of KMPlayer – An Advanced Multimedia Player

If you are heavy consumer of multimedia contents, in particular of video contents such as movies, TV shows and so on? Then you might be interested to have a flexible and powerful multimedia player (read video player) to view all of the video stuff that you are in to. There are indeed a lot of good video players in the market that work quite well and provide a sufficient array of good features for the casual video playback. However, currently there is one player that stands out that is particularly well suited for the advanced users that want to customize every aspect of the video player ranging from the GUI to actual functionality. Ah! you guessed it right I am talking about KMPlayer – our favorite video player at Inspired Geek. We wrote about KMPlayer for the first time a long time ago when we put it in a competition against 4 other great video players.

Well, If you are not aware I will quote what we had to say about KMPlayer at that time (as most of that is still true till this day):

It has a very sleek looking GUI and supports themes to customize the looks. This players is under active development and has a very lively forum. Extensive collection of themes is available on the forum, but my personal favorite is WMP11 skin that is also available for download. It has built in internal codecs for most of the formats but you can also customize it to support the installed windows codecs. In terms of features it has the most extensive feature set of the all the media players listed here. Almost any aspect of the player can be customized to your taste.As a result control panel can get overwhelming for a new user. To describe all it’s features will require at least one whole article dedicated to it.

Unfortunately for quite some time now I observed that KMPlayer development has kind of halted except for some very minor bug fix releases. Well, it seems the reason for that was that the developer behind the KMPlayer was actively working on a new project to bring us a shiny new video/multimedia player in the form of PotPlayer!

image89 | PotPlayer is THE Next Generation of KMPlayer – An Advanced Multimedia Player

After playing around with it for some days, I can safely say that current build of PotPlayer is stable enough for the regular use. Actually, in simple words PotPlayer is a very refined version of the KMPlayer that has far less bugs (everyone knows KMPlayer was a bit on the buggy side), consolidated and much organized GUI, major performance enhancements (in particular on the supported hardware). Other major new features include the seamless playback (up to 1000 AVI/WMV/MKV/MPG files at once!) auto-resume on the last 200 opened files, has fully configurable XML skin files and a D3D exclusive mode. What more you can ask for.

Ah! I forgot to mention that CPU utilization is significantly less than the KMPlayer particularly on 720p or 1080p HD files, when you have supported card for hardware acceleration. On my system CPU utilization dropped from 35% (KMPlayer) to 7% (PotPlayer) for the sample 720p file. Impressive isn’t it? So, go ahead and try it for yourself…

Original development versions of this software are released in Korean but you can get the latest English translated version from here (both 32 & 64bit versions are available).

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