Add Some Useful Features to the Firefox 4 FindBar Using FindBar Tweak

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FindBar that we have at our disposal in Firefox is pretty nice. However, by default FindBar does miss some small but very useful features, for example, you can use the Ctrl + F shortcut to bring it on screen, but if you press the same shortcut again it will not hide it! – a toggling for show/hide that some of you might be expecting is not there. Another feature that could be handy for some users is the placement of the FindBar according to the user preference as I noticed some users prefer the FindBar to be at the top rather than at the bottom as it is in Firefox. Then another useful feature could be the highlighting of all the occurrences of a search.

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If you miss some (or all) of the above mentioned features then for sure you will love the very useful FindBar Tweak extension for the Firefox that adds some extra tweaks/features to the FindBar. In fact, all of the above mentioned deficiencies in the Firefox FindBar implementation are resolved by the use of this extension and it adds some other useful features on top of it as well.

Here is a list of features provided by this extension:

- Move sidebar to the top of the window (notice! In this mode the Findbar will be displayed above the webpage and not "before" it)
- Show Findbar at startup
- Ctrl+F toggles the FindBar (close it too)
- Show buttons in QuickFindbar
- Hide Findbar close button and button labels
- ‘Highlight all’ by default
- How many hits by the textbox
- Hit Esc on a page to remove its highlights
- Show highlights in a grid by the scrollbar:
– Clicking a highlight in the grid will scroll the page to its location
– Double click the highlight grid to enable the resizer and resize it to your liking

You can download the latest version of the FindBar Tweak for Firefox 4 from here.

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