Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) TouchWiz 4 Now Ripped for Samsung Galaxy S! [Demo Video Included]

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galaxys ii4 | Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) TouchWiz 4 Now Ripped for Samsung Galaxy S! [Demo Video Included]

Talented guys at XDA developer forums has managed to rip the TouchWiz 4 from the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy SII and ported it to the Galaxy S. For the time being launcher is unstable. Now the developer is creating a list of the all the ROMs for which it works based on the input from the beta testers. So far the results look positive as it seems to be working on at least the following ROMs: RomKitchen Bet 2.1, deoxed JVK, deodexed stock xwjvb, Crikselo Rom v37 among other. If you want to get your hands dirty with this don’t forget to backup your data first. Then first download the zip file from this thread and then install it using recovery or you can also use the root explorer to copy the extracted files. Afterwards, wipe the dalvic cache.

Here is a demo video in which TouchWiz 4 seems to be running smoothly:


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