How to Root Nook Color on New 1.2 Firmware & Install Market, Google Apps and NookColor Tools ?

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award winning2 | How to Root Nook Color on New 1.2 Firmware & Install Market, Google Apps and NookColor Tools ?

As we mentioned some days ago that B&N has released a major update of the FW in the form of Nook Color v1.2 that you can get right now here. Major new features include the Android Froyo, flash support, new email application and some other tablet centric enhancements. Of course, there is also a selected set of new applications for you eReader. Don’t expect the usual large array of applications that are available on the Android Market to be available yet officially. In other words, the long list of hacks that we mentioned in the past for your Nook Color still remains very useful! Nook Color users were really excited about the root for the new 1.2 firmware and they shouldn’t be disappointed as today we have the procedure UP on how to root your Nook Color on 1.2 using the ManualNooter. Apart from rooting this method also installs GApps and Market. Although there are still some issues here & there so keep them in mind (take a look in the issues section).

Here is the step by step method to root your Nook Color on 1.2 (all credit goes to the XDA developer GabrialDestruir ):

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.


Update 1: I have updated the link to the latest version of  ManualNooter to 4.5.2 which was made available today. It should fix some Market visibility issues as well as some new apps are added. Here is the change log for ManualNooter 4.5.2:

– Renamed: Softkeys, zeam, NookColorTools, for easier updates.
– Adds: Calculator, Calendar, TouchRecalibrate, RomManager.
– Update: Changed Fingerprint to ‘’ will hopefully open market up.
– Note: No Flash 10.2 as it caused boot looping when installed with Nooter 1.2 (and apparently some cases of side loading).


Update 2: Bookmark this page as I will keep posting new updates & information as it becomes available!

Installed Features

- su and Superuser.apk
- Busybox
- Softkeys 3.0.6
- NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs)
- Gapps (Gmail, Market, Youtube, Others)
- Enable Multi-touch for Android Apps
- App Auto Install (Open up from sdcard drop in /data/app)


- To update to 1.2 firmware you are required to do a complete wipe (see in the end of this article for details).
- Then to update to 1.2 see the instructions here (1.2 is a must to use ManualNooter 4.5.2).
- You must already have a registered NooKcolor
- You must have a Google Account, for Gmail, Market, etc.
- CWM Bootable from SD Card: (Follow our guide if you are not sure)


Step 1: First download the ManualNooter-4.5.2 from here.
Step 2: Copy it at the root of your flashable CWM.
Step 3: If your Nook Color is Plugged in then Unplug it from computer and turn off.
Step 4: Insert flashable CWM SDcard with ManulNooter into your NooKcolor.
Step 5: Now Plug the USB sync cable in your computer and your NooKcolor to boot it up.
Step 6: Now soon CWM menu should appear as it boots up. Now select the following (Using Volume and n Buttons):
- Install zip from sdcard
- Choose zip from sdcard
Step 7: Now wait and follow any on-screen instructions.
Step 8: After loading select Zeam Launcher.
Step 9: Now open the Market to accept terms and service/sign In.
Step 10: Enable Non-Market app installations by running the NookColor Tools App.
Step 11: This final step is required to make your card usable again: Navigate to Settings -> Device Info –> SdCard –> UnMount -> Format.

Step 12: You are all set. Enjoy your rooted Nook Color on new 1.2 firmware!

How to Do a Complete Wipe:

Please follow our guide on doing a complete wipe of your Nook Color device.

Note that both Software Update & Factory Reset are required to do a complete wipe as mentioned in the above guide

Some Issues:

Here are some current issues mentioned by the developer:

IMEI Force Close – There is no randomly Generated IMEI in this version. – Apps that close due to lack of IMEI need to be fixed by Developers not users.
Lack of file manager can make it harder to install side loaded apps. – Will have to use browser.
Current Market Issues.
Newer versions of Market appends /cache/download path with null: "/cache/downloadnull/"
Newer versions of Market when trying to install downloaded apps returns: "[51] AssetDownloader$DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.i nstallFromUri(): Could not verify APK signature."
Market has limited visibility – Using CM6 Fingerprint. Maybe permissions, something else?
Market v1.82 may try to update breaking in the same way as above. – May auto-magically fix itself too? Don’t know what happened, keep an eye out for this.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nook Color hacks & tips&trick in particular related to the 1.2 update! In the mean time you might also want to check out our guide on How to Root/Unlock Nook Color 1.2 to Enable Non Market Android Apps (APK Enabler) ?

[Thanks to GabrialDestruir]

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  • Travis

    This is great. Followed easy instructions and got my NC running with access to the market. Although I can get into the market I still haven’t been able to download any apps and keep getting the download unsuccessful message.

    • robin

      try this it worked for me like a charm

      no forsed close market works great ect…

      • Joseph

        Robin, I posted at the bottom of this chain, basic message is the same. Are you suggesting that we use 4.6.16 rather than following the process above? Or are you simlply highlighting the limited market fix addressed in the xda forum? The reason I like this setup so much is that it leaves the nook intact for e-reader stuff. Will 4.6.16 remove the nook home and shop ,etc?

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  • http://Website CptStupid

    Works great. You need to have an SD card installed to download apps. The app store is very limited. Any way to update to full working app store?

    • Lisa

      Same issue. I cannot get full use of the market. Very limited apps. Has this been fixed yet?

      • Root Nook

        Free your Nook Color

  • kimbo

    Need help downloaded and rooted my nook apps work but my barnes and noble library doesn’t work. Can’t download books or magazines from store. Getting error: unable to download internal error exception executing the command
    Now what? I can read books that have already been downloaded. I tried to get the nook app but it’s not there.
    Please help

    • Robert

      I had the same issue. I found out that you need to unroot and reinstall all B&N updates. Then log into all the accounts and download all your library. At this time you can root and your library will be there

      • Bill

        I had same problem unnootered and restored to factory, etc. Updated to 1.2 then manual nootered 4.5.26. Fine for a day but the bought a B&N book and it won’t download and get the same error.

  • kimbo

    also can’t get it to set up my hotmail account
    thank you

  • shelly

    I an with Travis, i got it rooted but i cannot download any apps from the market… and i tried to download applanet but it wont let me download apps that arent from the market…. i’m SO CLOSE but just cant get it to work quite right… THANKS

    • yo

      if you go to nook color settings check and uncheck the box that says enable non-market app

  • Jawwad

    Plz wait as new updates are coming. So I will update this guide soon as I find time. As well as an updated AutoNooter is expected soon. In the mean time have a look at the current issues & solutions on the forum.

  • Krank

    Worked really well, though the limited Market is definitely a problem. It seems like I’m unable to sideload the ScummVM nightlies as well; they’re “incompatible”. As are the touchmod port’s apk files. Strange, since the stable release Scummvm APK works… (But is almost unusable; without a menu button the only way to exit the game is to shut down the machine…)

  • CptStupid

    Looks like we’re getting there. Better app store not to sure about not having Flash. Does this disable Flash completely? If so I’m waiting. Great job!

  • dbjellqu
  • Pingback: How to Root (Unlock) Nook Color 1.2 to Enable Non Market Android Apps & Overclock to 1.2 GHz Using MiniRooter? [Guide] | Inspired Geek

  • http://Website CptStupid

    Manual Nooter 4.5.18 is now out.

    Market has limited visibility – This is a known tablet issue, not just a NOOKcolor one.

    Start Nook Color Tools.
    Select the “All Settings” button.
    Unplug your NOOKcolor from computer. (If Plugged in.)
    Choose “Manage Applications” from the list.
    Select the “All” tab.
    Scroll down to “Market” and select it.
    Tap “Force stop”.
    Tap “Clear cache”.
    Tap the Back button if you have SoftKeys running, else swipe right to left on the status bar at the bottom of the screen (from the clock to the book icon).
    Scroll up to “Google Services Framework” and select it.
    Tap “Clear data”.
    Tap “OK”.
    Tap “Force stop”.
    Press the n button to return to your launcher.
    Start Market.
    At the “An error has occurred” message, tap “OK”.
    Hold your power button to turn off your NOOK Color from the menu.
    Turn your NOOK Color back on and give it a moment to find your WiFi connection.
    Start Market again, and the problem is resolved.

    • dawn patterson

      Awsome Fix! Thanks it works great.

      • dawn patterson

        The full market shows, but downloads keeps saying unsuccessful?

    • Andrew

      CAn see the apps now, but when I attempt to download, it just “hangs” The download bar at the top just stays a light gray and nothing happens :(

  • dawn patterson

    I followed this process and it worked great! but I dont have full access to the market it only shows limited apps. Is there anyway to get the full market

  • Kevdog

    Cptstupid’s method completely solved the marketplace issues for me. Thanks a million.

  • robin

    how do I buy book from barns & noble??? I have full market thanks

  • Chris206

    I rooted successfully yesterday, everything works great but I somehow lost my little Droid guy. My screen is just a Nook screen. Any help?

  • nookierookie

    anyone know if slingplayer works?

  • Ranveer

    Followed the steps provided by CptStupid but still full market access not working.Any more suggestions?

  • naell

    ok.. instruction says SD Card… so where is teh SD card slot in the nook color? all I see is MICRO-SD card slot… -.-

  • robin

    i have done your market setting and still no market :(

    any fix???

  • robin

    i have done your market setting and still no market download

    any fix???

  • uhonog

    I have Nook Color 1.2 rooted successfully. The only problem is… the Settings is too short. For example, there is no ‘Locals’ to add languages.

    any idea?

  • snap

    Right, so I just got a Nook Color 1.2, and this does not work at all, even though this is the link people kept giving me. All it does is, when you plug in the USB and boot, is boot Nook’s normal screen. There’s no menu, nada. How do I root a 1.2?? Thanks

  • meanmini1

    i followed all of the instructions. i chose install from sd card, then choose zip, then manualrooter4-5-2. but then i get
    where did i go wrong. i can’t go any further

    • MMAfan

      Seems like you unzipped the manualnooter zip file before you put it on the SD. Make sure you leave it as is, then add to the root, then flash your zip.

  • Selena

    I can’t get past copying the files to the msd! I have followed the inst carefully several times. I know it should work. I dl the cw files unzipped then opened wdi32 browsed to the uRecImg file wrote it to the card. went back to get the uRecRam and wrote that file.
    Now when trying to copy the manualrooter to the sd I get card must be formatted? What do I do now?
    Any Help. I know this should be easy but I have been working on this for days now :) I’m getting very frustrated. :)

    • aaron

      I just followed instructions from a Youtube video and had no problems.

  • Patrick

    1. rooted, connected to wifi
    2. searched for Zeam Launcher, ran it
    3. download app from marketplace… FAIL

    If the google marketplace is the reason for rooting, then why bother with this?

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  • Joe

    ok rooted the nook 1.2 successfully, but limited marketplace. Tried Cpt Stupids directions , still no marketplace. Is there a better way to root tthe Nook color 1.2? i see several other sites use their own files… manual rooting process… ideas? Also need to find out how to overclock, been searchin all morning no luck.

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  • JOhn

    ANy one know how to root NookColor v1.4.1?

    • Andy
      Works for 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

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