Breaking: Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) is Now Rooted Using XWKDD Insecure Kernel With SuperOneClick!

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galaxys ii5 | Breaking: Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) is Now Rooted Using XWKDD Insecure Kernel With SuperOneClick!

It has been only a matter of days that everyone was talking about the release of the new king of the hill in the Android handset arena, and today news has broke out of the XDA forum that Samsung Galaxy SII is successfully rooted based on the insecure XWKDD kernel posted by the Chainfire – an XDA forums member. Successful root has been confirmed by a number of the users in the thread. Basically most of them apparently flashed the insecure XWKDD kernel and then used the SuperOneClick v1.5.5 tool to do the magic! Most of these users confirming the root seems to have a Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) in a retail purchase from UK.

Here is the excerpt from the original forum post of the Chainfire,  where he posted the XWKDD_insecure.tar kernel and provided brief pointers.

Kernel repackaging gave me lots of issues, so this is NOT a proper "CF-Root", and I have no time to fully explain. A proper "CF-Root" will have to wait until I have a device in-hand. So if you do NOT know what you are doing, WAIT until somebody has tested and posted a guide. I have no time to write one right now.
This is merely the XWKDD kernel in "insecure" mode. This means that you can use the "adb root" command to put ADB in root mode, and then get a root shell using "adb shell".
Using this shell you can remount /system read/write, push su / Superuser.apk, busybox, etc. Again, I’m sure somebody will post a guide and the files.
Attached is also the new Odin. Make sure NOTHING is checked except "Auto reboot" and "F. Reset Time", and flash XWKDD_insecure.tar as PDA. Note that at the time of this writing, only ONE person has tested this.


Here is some feedback from users with successful root!

Make that 2 persons  Flash this, then just run superoneclick = Root. Installed adfree as the first thing, and that works as it’s supposed


Confirmed, Flash XWKDD_insecure .tar then run super one click = root.
Just tested on a uk retail bought at phones4u
Yeah, let the party begin


Same here uk model rooted working great. Not so novice afterall

Want to try your luck with rooting of your shiny new Samsung Galaxy SII head over to the relevant thread at the XDA developer forums. While other mere mortals might want to wait until some easier, and more well tested method comes out. Ah! and don’t worry we will be here to report you the complete guide to rooting as soon as possible. So stay tuned!

Till then you might be interested to have a look at our detailed articles related to the Samsung Galaxy SII :


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