How to Create a Bootable ClockworkMod SD Card for Your Nook Color ? [Guide]

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award winning3 | How to Create a Bootable ClockworkMod SD Card for Your Nook Color ? [Guide]

Well, this might seem obvious for expert users on how to create a bootable ClockworkMod (CWM) SD Card, while for other novice users it might be a daunting task. And for some rooting stuff related to the Nook Color it might be required.

Update 1: Added a direct link to the file.

So here we present a simple guide to flash the CWM on your SD card:

Flashing Bootable ClockworkMod on SD Card

Step 1: First you need to download the image for your SD card size here, containing CWM

Step 2: Download the file. (you can directly get it here if you don’t have XDA forum account).

Step 3: Now extract the uRecImg and uRecRam files for CWM (latest version of CWM at the time of this writing). Note that these files are inside this file that you downloaded in Step 2. You can use some software such as WinZip or WinRar for this.

Step 4: Hook up USB card reader into computer and plug in Micro SD card into the reader.

Step 5: Download Win 32 disk Imager and extract/unzip its contents into a folder.

Step 6: Run Win 32 Disk Imager and click on the folder button and locate the image file which you extracted in step 1.

Step 7: Choose the drive of your SD card (If you don’t know the drive letter of your SD card you can locate it in My Computer) and click on write button. Now wait for the burning.

Step 8: Leave the SD card mounted in your computer afterwards.

Step 9: Rename your copy of the uRecImg to uImage (that you extracted in Step 3) and replace with the uImage file on the SD card.

Step 10: Similarly rename copy of the new uRecRam to uRamdisk and replace with uRamdisk file on SD card.

Step 11: Now remove the SD card and insert it into Nook Color. Before placing the card into Nook Color make sure that it’s completely turned off and is not hooked up with computer.Finally reboot.

Step 12: OK now you should have a bootable CWM SD card!


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  • Katie Mergen

    I am having trouble locating and downloading the file. I got the CWM for my size sd card written just fine but the link to download that particular file doesn’t let me see where I can download it from without membership to the forum. I’m sorta new at this so any advice would be appreciated.

    • Jawwad

      Hi! Check again the step 2. I have added a direct link for the CWM file!

  • Lauren

    How long should the burning of the sd take?

    • steve

      I dunno about everyone else, but it took a while, like an hour or so. But I did another sd card the same way last week and it worked afterword so its ok if it takes a while.

  • jack

    i cant find cwm from win 32 disk imager

  • MDD


    i was having the same problem. You have to get a utility like 7-Zip to unzip the tar.gz file, not once, but twice.
    It is a Uniz zipped file, like a winzip file on the PC. You will extract once to create a .tar file, then you have to unzip it one more time to extract the .img file.
    You should be able to see it from the Win32 disk imager at that point.

    Hope this helps.

    • Jesse

      I’ve having trouble locating the CWM file myself each time I extract the tar,gz file it still doesn’t allow me to locate the image file…with the Win32 disk imager please help

  • steve

    Caveat: I’m working on a Mac.

    I followed the instructions and tried to create the bootable MIcroSD 3 times. Every time when I start the NookColor, I boot just like there wasn’t an SD card inserted. I am able to browse the SD card from in the NookColor.

    Can you post a photo of the contents of the root directory of the CWM once it’s been successfully created?


  • Jimmy

    How are you doing? Im trying to follow the steps and root my nook and get the android market. i am not an expert so booting my sd card is somewhat complicated. i am a little confused on your steps. First problem is when i try to download the image for the sd card which is the first step there is a bunch of different downloads that arent a zip file. Step 6 says run the file that you extracted from step 1 but there was no step to inform me to extract a file in step 1. i know im not a pro at this but if you can help me out i would really appreciate it. thank you

  • Dennis

    I have a formatted 8gb sd card and it says it has 7.38Gb available. when I try to write image on it it says F: drive does not have enough space. Should I download the 4gb Image or get another sd card? Thanks

    • Rafael

      Did you do that on the laptop SD lot?
      I had this problem too. I could resolve this with SD – USB adaptator.
      It worked with no problem.

  • fred

    I’m unable to d/l the SD card image file from
    looks like a dead link. is that still the correct location?

  • bill

    Like one or two posters above, I followed the procedure to the letter but my Nook Color (v1.2) will not boot off the SD card. I can see the contents of the SD card from the “Library –> my files” selection in the nook. It seems my nook is not looking for any boot information on the SD card.

    Has anyone out there gotten this to work?



  • Katie

    can you give me the steps to do this on a MAC?

  • Angel J

    I am confused a bit on the step-by-step instructions…

    Do all files get written to the SD Card?

    Does the Win32 Disk Imager get written to the SD Card? and, Which version of the zip file do I use? the binary or the source?

    THANX for the step-by-step instructions!!

  • Katrina

    Thanks for the step by step instructions! They worked like a charm.

    I have one dumb question, which version of Android was installed. Is there someway that I should have been able to figure it out?


  • Marvin

    Win32 disk imagerdoesn’t see the 4gb_clockworks file. the 4gb file is a .gz and win323 only sees .img files. Any suggestions??

    • Selena

      Type in the file name ReImage and it shows up so you can select it. I had the same issue. Then had a duh moment.

  • Dave

    how long does it take for the reboot. Mine seems to be stuck on “loading”

  • KT

    I’m having the same problem, I seem to be stuck on the Loading screen after the reboot.

  • Laura

    I am working on a mac and have tried several times to root my nook. Can this be done on a mac and if so how?


  • Anonymous

    What if i have 16 gb, theres no image for 16 gb sd cards, can you tell me please?

  • Adam Morrone

    for step 6, i run Win 32 Disk Imager and then i click the folder and go to the folder where i have uRecImg and uRecRam but it just shows an emmpty folder. there is no “.img” files??? please help….

  • Eddie

    Steps 9 and 10 are very confusing… rename and then replace with the file on the SD card?? I can see renaming the given files. But then replace them with the similar files on the card? Sounds like it should read simply as rename the file on the card. Please clarify. Thanks for the instructions.

  • Eddie

    I didn’t realize the same files would be on the SD card. Apologies for my misunderstanding.

    Setcpu and Amazon did not install, but everything else is wonderful!


    Steps 9 and 10 are very confusing… rename and then replace with the file on the SD card?? I can see renaming the given files. But then replace them with the similar files on the card? Sounds like it should read simply as rename the file on the card. Please clarify. Thanks for the instructions.

  • Ashley

    Hey, I have a 16 GB card I noticed there is no image file for it. Would putting 8 GB on it make a difference? Any thoughts?

  • Hannah

    I am really new to rooting my nook and all that but in step number three could someone verify what extracting the uRecImg and uRecRam files means? Where should i put those files? what does extracting mean?

  • Aaron

    Does step number one include extracting the file? It’s not currently stated as such, but I’m having trouble accessing the sd card after writing.

  • Guido

    Win32 disk imager…..error 8 HUHH?? I’ve tried several times…still no luck. Any idea’s on what to do next?

    • dangogh

      error 8 means device in use — either the SD card or the img file. Close all other apps and try again.

  • http://twoquestions Guido

    1. what is the purpose of ClockworkMod? Would this help in the making of a bootable SD card instead of using the Win32 disk imager and such…….?

  • bob

    can you please make a video i dont want to do the process wrong

  • Anonymous

    will this work for a Nook classic? everything I find on-line is about the Nook color.

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