February 2008


Speed Dial is one of the many useful features included in the Google Chrome apart from it’s lightening fast startup and page rendering speed. However, I do feel that it is not as customizable as Firefox to a users preferences. In particular, many of the Google Chrome features (or of any other web browser) can be included in Firefox using 3rd party Firefox extensions. Take an example of the Chrome’s speed dial feature for today, it is one of the most touted and of course useful features of that browser. But you can get the same functionality in Firefox using Read More >


For many users out there a good PDF reader installed on their system is absolutely essential mainly because PDF is the major format for exchanging documents these days . There are many free PDF readers available for Microsoft Windows. In the past, we have advocated use of Adobe Reader Lite version which cuts down the fat from THE most well known pdf reader/viewer available. As a result, lite version of the Adobe Reader had a much better performance. We also reviewed excellent PDF-XChange Viewer that includes not only covers the basics, but also includes many advanced features such as form Read More >


A few weeks back, we bought you the detailed full root method for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Then we brought you a guide on how to install the first ever custom ROM for your shiny new SGS2 in the form of VillainROM (v1.0)! Which was a pre-rooted ROM optimized for performance and with much greater scope for any upcoming tweaks. Now we present the guide for installation for yet another recently released custom ROM called Lightening Rom XWKE7 for your Samsung Galaxy S2 (our beloved super phone you know). Here are the features of this custom Lightening Rom 1.0: -Fast Read More >


Very good news for those of you who own the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) or plan to own one, it seems that Samsung has started to roll out a new firmware version Gingerbread.XWKEY that actually includes quite a lot of fixes and improvements that early adopters of the SGS2 were reporting. Biggest improvement comes in the form of improved battery life. As you know many users had trouble with the rapidly draining battery on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII), so this issue should be fixed now by this update. We described one possible solution to overcome this issue here. There Read More >


There has been quite a turn-around of the events courtesy of the popular smartphone maker HTC. We used to see many devices from HTC that came pre-loaded with locked bootloaders. Users were really not happy with that at all as it was quite a pain in many cases to bypass and unlock these boot loaders. But now it seems that company has finally listened to the customer demands and HTC CEO Peter Chou has announced at the company Facebook page that in the future all the HTC devices will come with unlocked boot loaders! This an announcement with quite a Read More >

Azul Media Player 1

Built-in media player in the iOS while easy to use and quite intuitive is limited in functionality, and more importantly doesn’t support many of the well known video formats that we used to face on the Internet. For example, it will not play flv, mkv, wmv files among many others unless the user converts the videos to an iPhone compatible format using a video conversion tool. That can be quite a headache if you ask me. Enter the Azul Media Player for the iPhone (or any other iDevice) that allows to playback a large variety of format directly on your Read More >


Jailbreak community for the iPhone and other iDevices is pumping out new and innovative hacks at a a brisk pace. But this latest one from the guys at iPhoneIslam takes the cake for sure. Actually these are the same guys that released the FaceIt3GS app to enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. Now, iPad seems to be there focal point. They teased with a clever new hack on their blog that allows to convert any jailbroken iPad 3G in to fully functional phone; you can say very similar to the iPhone but only with a much larger 9.7 inch screen! They Read More >


Today, I stumbled across this nice Cydia application called Free Movies that allows you to download hundreds of free movies directly on your iDevice including iPhone, so that you can watch them offline! According to the developer movies are only included that are available for free. App includes a complete download manager. Furthermore, developer claims that app doesn’t contain any dead links. So, that’s impressive (if it is indeed true). I haven’t checked out this app personally but looks interesting for the movie lovers out there. Please note that since this is a Cydia App, it means you must have Read More >


I am sure, there are many iPad 2 owner out there that are waiting impatiently for proper jailbreak tool to be released for the Apple’s latest (& greatest) tablet. We heard a few days back from the @P0sixninja that a jailbreak for the iPad 2 is only weeks away from the release. This news got many tech websites excited on the internet. After that now we have another update but now from the Chronic Dev Team (people behind the popular GreenPois0n JB tool). Unfortunately, still not any release date. So, conclude whatever, you can from the following statement by them: Read More >


AsusTransformer is one of the relatively cheap tablets out of a bunch of new wave of Honeycomb (Android 3.0) based tablets that are rolling out this year. But cheap doesn’t mean that too many compromises in the case of AsusTransformer. As in terms of specs you get a great 10.1 inch IPS display, a Tegra 2 CPU and both front and rear facing cameras, where rear facing camera is a good 5.0 MP one. We have already brought you the method to root the device. Now an XDA member netarchy has come up with a custom kernel for this tablet Read More >

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