How to do Bluetooth Internet Tethering on Your Nook Color to Save Battery Life?

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bluetooth icon | How to do Bluetooth Internet Tethering on Your Nook Color to Save Battery Life?Nook Color Bluetooth Tether is an interesting application for the Nookcolor devices in the sense that it allows to Internet tethering using the Bluetooth instead of the conventional Wi-Fi tethering that we are used to see on many devices. Basically it allows to tether a Nookcolor running CM7 to tether to a mobile phone running Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) profile. It is mainly deigned for the Nookcolor but may work on some other tablets as well. Main advantage of Bluetooth tethering is the power efficiency as it consumes far less power than the Wi-Fi tethering.

It requires superuser access on the Nook and the mobile phone must be able to tether and already paired with the Nook. Note that though almost all Android applications that require network access function correctly, some applications like Google Applications do not work. Google Talk, for example, does not work nor does the Market application. The browser will complain that network access is not available and work anyway. This is because Bluetooth PAN is not properly supported in Android at this time.

You can download the Nook Color Bluetooth Tether from the Android Market for free.

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