Activate Latest Windows 8 x86 Builds & Enable All Hidden Features Using NoPill

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splash | Activate Latest Windows 8 x86 Builds & Enable All Hidden Features Using NoPill

Earlier we reported about a new tool called Windows 8 tweaker that allowed to enable many disabled/hidden options in an older Windows 8 build that was leaked to the Internet. But now according to some reports this tool might not work properly with the latest leaked builds of the Windows 8. But that’s not a problem because now the users that are testing the latest leaked build of Windows 8 can use a tool called NoPill that allows to enable all hidden features in the Windows 8!

21 | Activate Latest Windows 8 x86 Builds & Enable All Hidden Features Using NoPill

Here is the list of feature that can enabled by the NoPill:

  • Activation, to get Genuine Windows.
  • Ribbon Explorer UI
  • Touch Pattern Login
  • Full DWM (No blur on Aero)
  • Immersive Browser
  • Modern Webcam
  • Modern Reader (PDF)
  • Lockscreen (UI)
  • Hacked slc.dll and systemcpl.dll

Please note that many of these features are not fully backed yet in the OS, and may be buggy, so be prepared for this if you decide to enable them. This tool even allows you to activate the x86 version of the Windows 8!

On the Windows 8 news front, previously we have reported on the integration of the built-in PDF reading capabilities in Windows 8 as well as the use of ribbon based user interface to be employed now system-wide. We also mentioned that latest OS from Microsoft is expected to include a built-in webcam capture application. We also looked at an interesting new feature called Portable Workspace in Windows 8 that will allow to run the OS from a thumb drive.

You can get NoPill for Windows 8 for free from the developers website.

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