Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

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iphone 5 thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must have heard about the latest offering in the Android world by Samsung, their Galaxy S2 (SII). It has an extensive feature set and with its high performance, holds the crown in the Android world at this moment. Comparisons are being drawn with the iPhone 4, but now we think its real competition will actually be the upcoming iPhone 5. Both of these smartphones are not available in US at this moment, but they represent the cream of the crop. Here we do a quick comparison of the Galaxy S2 (SII) and iPhone 5 based on their known features.


iPhone 5: 122.4 x 64.2 x 8.6 mm
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm

As you can notice, iPhone 5 is slightly smaller in its length and width compared to Galaxy S2. Apple has managed to trim off some that thickness from the iPhone 4 as well, which will make it look much more appealing. Nevertheless, it is important to note that Galaxy S2 features a larger screen and it is an impressive feat to still keep the size comparable. iphone5 leaklg52 thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S2


iPhone 5: 4 inch OLED featuring Apple’s Retina Display, 960 x 640 pixels
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 4.3 inches Super AMOLED display, 480 x 800 pixels

What to say ! It is so nice to have competition because now we have two extremely sharp displays to pick from, it is hard to go wrong either way. Galaxy S2 gives a 0.3 inch larger screen with almost the same phone size as mentioned above. Samsung’s AMOLED display is vibrant and sharp, a real treat to look at. The same goes for iPhone 5 which in comparison features a much higher resolution (more than the human eye can decipher). And if Apple can really pull off an OLED display, it will be marvelous.

iphone 5 mock thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!samsung galaxy s882 thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

Winner: iPhone 5 by a narrow margin


iPhone 5: WiFi, UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA, Bluetooth, NFC
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, HSDPA/HSUPA, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth version 3.0+HS, micro USB version 2.0, NFC

Details on the this aspect of iPhone 5 are sparse at that time, although we can expect that it will have a comparable feature set compared to Samsung Galaxy S2. The key thing here is that both of these beasts offer support for NFC (near field communication) which is really important. One other consideration would be if iPhone will offer support for Wi-Fi hot spot or not.

Winner: Draw


iPhone 5: 1.4GHz Apple A5 Dual Core Processor
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 1.2 GHZ Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 processor with onboard GPU

Galaxy S2 appears to be lightning fast based on the reviews coming out so far. It is hard to know which phone will post higher numbers, but the important thing is performance in the background of the relevant OS and applications. Galaxy S2 has already shown that it can do that flawlessly and based on experience with iPhone 4 we can safely assume that iPhone 5 will do that as well.

Winner: Draw


iPhone 5: 8 Megapixel Rear with dual LED flash light,, Front Facing present but details unknown. Video will be 1080p HD at 25fps/720p at 30fps

Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 8 MP Rear with LED flash featuring Autofocus, Geo-tagging, face and smile detection, image stabilization. 2 MP Front Facing Camera. Video at 1080p at 30fps

Both cameras appear to be rather similar in terms of specs, iPhone 5 appears to have dual LED flash but 25fps video recording at full HD as compared to Galaxy S2. Again, it is very important to see what will be the real life performance of these cameras. iPhone 4 features a mere 5 MP camera but its picture quality is top notch. Not to say that Galaxy S2’s camera is shabby, in fact from it, iPhone 5 gets a slight edge here based on its reputation.

Winner: iPhone 5


iPhone 5: 32GB/64 GB
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 16/32 GB, supports additional memory through micro SD card

With cheap micro SD cards available in abundant, there is really not much of a difference here.

Winner: Draw


iPhone 5: Unknown capacity, rumored usage of up to 8 Hr over 4G
Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): Li-Ion 1650 mAh

Very hard to tell and comment on until we actually have iPhone 5 in our hands. iPhone 4 boasts a mediocre battery life though. Galaxy S2’s battery life is not the best on the face of planet, but it is very decent and easily lasts a day with good use and can stretch out to 2 days with mostly calls and texting.

galaxy s ii thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S2

Operating System:

iPhone 5: Apple iOS 5

Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): Android 2.3.3

Arghh !! This question is likely the hardest to answer, with staunch supporters on both sides. In general, iOS appeals more to casual users with its clean and neat interface, easy to work around, high compatibility since all developers have just one smartphone to develop apps for. It is a different story for Android, lots of clustering due to the various versions and handsets available. Does offer much more customization though and generally more appealing to people who like to tweak things more. This is a little over-simplification though and I think in the past iOS probably did have an advantage due to its high number of apps and support. But now, in this age, Android is at a point, where it is more of a user preference with each having its strong points.

iosdroid thumb | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!

Winner: Draw

So this is it folks, Overall, that is 2 wins of iPhone 5, 2 wins for Galaxy S2 and 2 draws. This makes it a very even battle so far with no clear victor. The relevant thing is that Galaxy S2 is released and available for immediate use (at least in UK), with Samsung having delivered a real high quality product. Nevertheless, even though iPhone 5 is not released yet, Apple carries its strong reputation on its back with 4 successful re-iterations of the original iPhone and there is no reason to suspect that it will do it any differently this time. But the question is how well they will do it, which will decide if iPhone 5 stands above, on the same ground or maybe even lower than the Galaxy S2.

Rumored iPhone 5 unofficial specs over here. It is rumored to be released in September this year. Link to Samsung Galaxy S2 specs.

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  • who cares

    hmmm…”Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 4.3 inches LCD”

    Is the author living in caves? hello, how pathetic can it get?

    • Phil

      Oh…yeah….caves. Pathetic? Really. I am sure the publisher realizes his mistakes.

  • Let’s blow USA

    Hey dupe, so your info is based upon rumors and just rumors ?? you are acting like a gossip girl or worst, it is better to have official news no matter if late. You know that Samsung Galaxy S2 is official ( see Samsung website) Greetings from Peru

  • Dave

    are you kidding. you must work for apple or something.
    Some are right. but all your Tie’s, really? REALLY?

    • Name required

      If he is working with apple. Better be scared this might be true.

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  • re]iuop

    i like to poop

  • phil b.

    Comparing a yet-to-be-released product with a current device is drawing a long, long bow imho.
    Apples to apples ie Galaxy SII vs iPhone 4 is more real world. Reminded me of a review putting yet-to-be-released Kindle XL vs current Kobo. I’ll post here and move on never to return. Meanwhile author of above “review” can go back to Apple and report on successful 5th column activities and return to his cave.
    phil b.

    • JOE

      Don’t be an ass. Comparing the galaxy sii to iphone 4 is even more ridiculous. Galaxy sii is a newer generation phone and hasn’t even been released in the us yet. I agree it’s too early to compare it to the not yet released iphone 5 but the iphone 5 would technically be considered the same generation phone. Iphone 4 is a year old and is not relevant to the discussion. The author is comparing the hardware appropriately but he’s doing so prematurely. We need to wait and see what apple comes up with this year.

  • Carter

    By the time Iphone 5 comes out, SGS-3 is well in the works. ignore iphone 5 it’s iphone 6 that will do something.

    Feel for you American’s, my SGS-2 is in the mail.

  • Anil

    i got the gs 2 yesterday in india… it is awesome and has all the features one could aspire for… i phone is gud but with all restrictions and no radio, no bluetooth, no extra slots, no easy data transfer and smaller screen … in all these and more specs, gs 2 is rocking… go for it.. i have shifted from nokia for the first time but enjoying..

  • Van

    Galaxy S2 is the winner all the ways because of Flash player!

  • gunz

    So sick of iPhone. Never going back because of stupid iTunes.

  • goutham

    only people who dunno how to use itunes call it stupid.its the best music organising tool on planet.period.

    • Forkoff

      iTunes is awful. I’ve been using “music organising tools” as you call them since 1997… I’ve used everything from WinAmp version ONE all the way through to current builds of WMP, VLC and linux based players like Rhythmbox and Beep. Before you insinuate otherwise, yes, I have used iTunes extensively having owned an iPhone and a couple of iPods.

      The only thing iTunes does that the others I have mentioned do not is RESTRICT your experience and limit the things you can do with your own music collection. iTunes does nothing unique in terms of organising or playing music and did none of the things it can do before any of it predecessors.

      Please educate yourself and experience a wider selection of software before you make ignorant, slightly insulting comments like the drivvle you mashed into the keyboard with your head and somehow managed to submit to this website.

      • Forum Observer

        “Please educate yourself and experience a wider selection of software before you make ignorant, slightly insulting comments like the drivvle you mashed into the keyboard with your head and somehow managed to submit to this website.”

        LOL. This ^ Two thumbs up.

    • Iz

      Songbird is alot better in my opinion. Itunes is alright but if you’re tired of itunes check out songbird

    • Iphonesucks

      anything apple is shit. you idiots that have one have been brainwashed. how come you cant bluetooth any other brand of phone? how come you have to use itunes for everything and pay for all your songs and apps. howcome samsung have tripled apples sales? why are so many people switching to samsung? because they grew a brain!!!!!

  • Deano

    My wifes had four iphones in 2 years cause they keep failing and that bloody Itunes…..who wants to spend hours on an evening farting around it… and when you do get a problem with it having to mess around booking in at the apple genius bar……I’d bin the the thing….anything but an apple product.

  • Nicolas

    “The same goes for iPhone 5 which in comparison features a much higher resolution”

    Much higher resolution? Oh, I see, it seems much lower to you because you inverted the order of the height and width for the Samsung:

    iPhone: 960 x 640 pixels
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): 480 x 800 pixels

    That makes people compare 960 with 480… However, the difference isn’t that great, is it? 960 vs 800, 640 vs 480…

  • victoria

    i agree with Joe #8 all the way. And why argue over two phones that nobody in the US has even had a chance to review for themselves anyway. Everybody has their preferences anyway. A committed Apple/Iphone user will never agree that a Samsung phone is better and vice versa. I have never had an Iphone but my husband stays true to them no matter what and upgrades everytime a new one comes out. I dont like them and i will always look for the best Samsung and upgrade however often no matter what other phone it might be compared to.

  • ajay

    hi which year htc blast availble in the market plz tel

  • Ashwani

    until the phone get released, no one can actually compare the two.
    the comparison is nuts! specially that memory thing. what you want a memory card to be, a steel plate or something!
    samsung for sure is the winner currently!
    and there’s no such thing that samsung camera is whaky!
    getting higher resolution doesn’t just add a special thing to purchase damn iphone!
    it’s much restricted, more i think a waste.
    iphone lives on apps, nothing special it has got in it!
    wait for the iphone 5, if some miracle occur!

  • Reika

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is the winner, Android offering you a lot of application that really we need for live. Samsung have Flash Player which is EASIER to acces online game ;;D.
    Samsung never lag. Why I know that ? Because I already use it for a month and I’m in love with it <3
    but I'm waiting for the iphone 5 too :)

  • sam

    you live in a CAVE
    Get up

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  • Daniel

    maybe review something that has the worth and that actually isnt just the physical features of the phone? (looks)
    the S2 dominates in almost every aspect, except the resolution. big woop, the human eye cant even notice the difference……
    when i get an iphone 5, it will be money well spent, due to putting it in a blender.

  • Nairobian Perspective

    hi Savvy, from the review, choice of words can see you are heavily tipped for the i phone…nice review though but clearly the “draws ” are not warranted especially where the features indicate a clear winner! gd day

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