Significantly Enhance iPhone Copy/Paste Functionality Using Action Menu [Jailbreak Tweak]

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screenshot1 | Significantly Enhance iPhone Copy/Paste Functionality Using Action Menu [Jailbreak Tweak]screenshot2 | Significantly Enhance iPhone Copy/Paste Functionality Using Action Menu [Jailbreak Tweak]

We all know that Copy/Paste functionality in iPhone is one of the most used feature. It is hard to imagine the iOS these days without this functionality. However, this generic functionality can be extended significantly in case you are lucky enough to have a jailbroken iPhone. I am talking about a Cydia tweak called Action Menu that extends the iOS stock copy paste functionality with the new actions such as Copy All, Dial, Favorites and Scroll. Many of these feature are extremely useful in practice. In particular the Favorites feature where you can specify some snippets as your favorite (email signatures, difficult names, email templates or any other text) and then quickly paste it later on without typing it again. If you install the Action Menu Plus Pack a free add-on, it adds a bunch of other useful actions to what is already available in the base application. Additional actions for Action Menu includes History, Lookup, Tweet, Locate, Find and Send to Pastie. This is quite an impressive feature improvement over the stock copy/paste functionality provided by Apple in iOS! Right? Once you get used to this, you will never like to go back!

Actions Menu is available from Cydia.

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