Boost Performance By Overclocking Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) to 1.5GHz! [Guide]

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Earlier we provided you the guide on how to root the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II). You might also be interested to see the head-to-head comparison that we did between the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) and upcoming iPhone 5! And now our beloved SG2 super phone has not even launched yet in US, and we are already starting to see some amazing hacks coming out of the talented XDA developers. Now an XDA developer forum member going with the name of coolbho3000 have managed to overclock the new SG2 to 1.5 GHz stable to make the already very speedy dual-core device to be screamingly fast. In fact, he managed to reach an overclock of up to 2GHz! but that was not very stable. On a 1.5 GHz overclock frequency Quadrant score already broke through the 4,000 mark (see below). In case you are wondering, default clock rate on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) is 1.2 GHz.

galaxysii setcpu | Boost Performance By Overclocking Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) to 1.5GHz! [Guide]galaxysii 4k quadrant | Boost Performance By Overclocking Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) to 1.5GHz! [Guide]

Now if you want to achieve the same amazing overclock on your SG2 device, you can use the following guide (as provided by the developer himself):



1. You’ll need the latest version of odin3 and the USB drivers for Windows. jutley’s post on debranding the phone has links to both:….php?t=1064894
2. Grab the kernel. It is a tar file for odin with the overclocked kernel and a initramfs with proper modules for the kernel:
3. Reboot the phone into download mode using ADB:
adb reboot download
4. Flash the kernel using odin3 by placing the tar file in the PDA section and pressing "Start."
5. The phone will reboot automatically.
6. Use SuperOneClick to root your phone if you haven’t already. ADB should have root access with this kernel so it’ll just work.
7. Grab SetCPU and try 1.504GHz.

For more discussions and updates on the overclocking of SG2 head over to the relevant thread on the XDA developer forums.

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