Disable Windows Sleep Mode During Long Download Sessions Using Coffee While You are Away

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This happens to be a very common scenario that you initiate a big download on your Windows machine such as big video file, a large Linux ISO file or maybe you are downloading some big torrent file. You don’t want to sit and stare at the screen for a long time just to see the download progress. So, you go away, and come back after some time (i.e. few hours) only to learn that Windows has gone to sleep mode halting any download session you initiated earlier! This can get very annoying. I know that you can avoid this bad situation by changing the appropriate settings in the Power Plan options in Windows. But it is not very convenient to change every time you start a download and then you have to revert it again to normal when the download finishes. There must be some much simpler and automated method for this.

screenshot | Disable Windows Sleep Mode During Long Download Sessions Using Coffee While You are Away

Yes, you are right! there are indeed ways around this problem. Once of the more elegant ways I have seen is in using a software called Coffee that is available for free. It basically monitors the download rate on a selected network adopter and puts the system in to sleep mode only if the download rate on that network adopter goes below a threshold. So, solution is simple just download the software, select the network adopter and set the download threshold to a very low value (just to ensure that downloads are indeed complete!), and push the “Sleep Blockers” button in the interface. System will NOT go the sleep mode until the download rate dips below the value specified (at that time most likely the downloads have already completed).

So, no need to mess around with the power plans on your Windows system. Just download this free and portable software Coffee  from here.

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