Disable Camera Sounds (Silent) on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) [Tip]

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galaxys ii2 | Disable Camera Sounds (Silent) on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) [Tip]Here is a quick tip for the Samsung Galaxy S2 users that want to make the camera silent. Good point is that this technique doesn’t delete anything on the phone and is pretty simple to follow. Involves only adding a one line of code to a file.

So, here you go:

Step 1: First check that if there is a file called "local.prop" exist in the /data/ folder (i.e. "/data/local.prop").

Step 2: In case this file doesn’t exist then create one.

Step 3: Open the file and add the following line:


Step 4: Now reboot the SG2 and camera application should be completely silent!

Step 5: To restore the sound either delete the "local.prop" file or change the code line to as follow (that you entered earlier):


Thanks to [kohiiou]

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  • Mimi

    Hi there, please help – how do you actually ‘create’ the local.prop file if it isn’t there???

  • Jayzar

    Does not work :(

  • pipper_ripper

    ive tried this using astro but havent had any joy, i think you need to rot your s2 first.
    ive also tried using astro to go into system settings and deleting the shutter sound file but it wont let me.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t work for me too :(

  • zatarc

    It DOES work. You need root access and you have to restart your device after editing/create the file and tadaaa: silent camera! Thanks!

    Install and start Terminal Emulator and just type:
    su (root access!)
    cd /data
    echo “ro.camera.sound.forced=0″ > local.prop

    … restart your device, done.

  • paul

    @ zatarc
    downloaded terminal emulator but can’t enter the line you recommended… it says ing like

  • paul

    Something like access restricted …
    my phone is not sim locked…
    Should I change a setting and which one would that be?

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