Remote Control & View Your Android Phone SMS, Camera, GPS, File Management etc. From a Web Browser

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LazyDroid Web Desktop is a surprisingly very powerful Android application that that allows to take the control of you Android mobile phone from Wi-Fi/Internet/Usb connection, simply using your web browser and accessing a website. You have several apps to access different services on your Android device. Software is currently in beta but even at this stage it is extremely functional and useful.

LazyDroid 1 | Remote Control & View Your Android Phone SMS, Camera, GPS, File Management etc. From a Web Browser

Some of the powerful feature include accessing SMS functionality through the web interface, allowing to send SMS from there. Access the phone contacts and add/delete the contacts from the web interface. Access the phone camera live in your web interface! Remote sensors view, a file manager to access the files on the storage among many other facilities.

LazyDroid 2 | Remote Control & View Your Android Phone SMS, Camera, GPS, File Management etc. From a Web Browser

Here is the list of features that app currently supports.

- Sms: You can send your sms via web interface, just like from your phone. Autocomplete, mass-messages, and other features.
- Contacts: You can see the contacts present on your phone, adding or deleting phone numbers and emails.
- Call Handler: When your phone starts to ring you will see it on your Web Desktop, and you can decide to answer (With speakerphone or headset of your phone), refuse the call or silence the ringer. You can also call a contact using the apposite icon or a phone number.
- Camera: You can see the camera of your phone (this function now works alson on Internet Explorer)
- Remote View: You can see the screen of your device and eventually take screenshot. Needs root permissions.
- Sensors: You can see the values of the sensors of your phone. You will find a compass that shows the orientation of your phone and a Google Maps showing the position based on Network or GPS.
- Clipboard: You can see and set the clipboard of your phone absolutely in real time.
- FileManager: A complete file manager with preview functions, to navigate into your device memory. You can fast see text files and images double-clicking on the file icon.

According to the developer even more features are coming soon!

Well what can I say. This looks like an extremely promising application and donā€™t forget the fact it is available for free. Some of the features that this application supports, we can only dream of on an iOS device to be honest. I wish something like this to be available for the iDevices as well.

You can get the LazyDroid Web Desktop for free from the Android Market.

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