9 Very Useful MIUI (iOS Like Android Gingerbread Based ROM) Hidden Features That You May Not Know!

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dark theme final screenshots | 9 Very Useful MIUI (iOS Like Android Gingerbread Based ROM) Hidden Features That You May Not Know!

For those who don’t know MIUI is a customized version of the Android, developed originally by some Chinese developers for the Chinese market. Originally it was only available for a handful of devices including the HTC Desire, but since then has been ported to many more devices and with the English translated versions. It has been available both in Froyo (Android 2.2) and Gingerbread (Android 2.3) flavors. From the last few months interest in this heavily customized build of Android has grown considerably. Now there are ports available for many popular device including HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, Motorola Droid, HTC HD2, HTC DesireZ, Samsung Galaxy S. One of the main reasons I think for its popularity is the interface speed which is smooth in transitions and fluid. Other reason and the major one is of course the striking GUI resemblance to the wildly popular Apple iOS mobile OS, particularly the springboard part.

Enough for the introduction, today I wanted to bring you some of the hidden (and some not so hidden) features that can come very handy for the MIUI users.

Here is the list of these features:

  1. Torch: long press home from lock screen to activate torch, let go to deactivate
  2. Screen capture: press menu key/button + volume down
  3. Settings toggles: long-pressing a toggle ( Bluetooth, GPS etc.) from the notifications/toggles drop-down menu will take you to its settings
  4. Messaging: swipe right shows/hides multi-selection panel on right-hand-side
  5. Search: swipe right for recent app list and recent apps (long press home) swipe left for search
  6. Hidden phone tests: Open dial pad type *#*#MIUI#*#* or (*#*#6484#*#*)
  7. More hidden phone tests/settings: Open dial pad type *#*#4636#*#* (more for advanced users!!! If u don’t know what u doing than don’t change any settings here !!!)
  8. FTP server: File Manager has an FTP server (right-hand tab)
  9. Music: music app downloads album art and lyrics

Some of these features are very useful indeed, in particular the Settings toggles and Music.

If you know about any other hidden and very useful MIUI features then please do share!


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    MIUI rom is definitely much better then stock android rom.I really like its interface and its responsiveness.
    I was interested in knowing how to access the hidden phone test menu,and this post helped

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