How to Root (Unlock) Nook Color 1.2 to Enable Non Market Android Apps & Overclock to 1.2 GHz Using MiniRooter? [Guide]

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award winning | How to Root (Unlock) Nook Color 1.2 to Enable Non Market Android Apps & Overclock to 1.2 GHz Using MiniRooter? [Guide]

B&N released a major update of the FW in the form of Nook Color v1.2 some time ago that you can get right here. Major new features include the Android Froyo, flash support, new email application and some other tablet centric enhancements. Of course, there is also a selected set of new applications for you eReader. Unfortunately no support for the Android Market yet. In other words, the long list of hacks that we mentioned in the past for your Nook Color still remains essential for power users! Earlier we brought you a guide on how to root your Nook Color on 1.2 using the ManualNooter. Apart from rooting that method also installed GApps and Market.

Today we have an alternative method for you to root and enable non-Market application installs on your Nook Color. Please note the method we are going to detail is NOT a complete modification of your Nook Color as was possible with Manual Nooter but it is is enough to replace many stock applications with more useful Android application on the fresh 1.2 FW install. Purpose of this rooting method based on the MiniRooter is to make minimal changes to the Stock Froyo experience of your Nookcolor, but still root it and enable the side loading of any desired Android Apps. So, as a result it will NOT install Android Market but on the positive side you should be able to still get all the benefits of the stock Nook Color (Amazon Market etc.) while having a root and capability to install third part apps on the stock 1.2 Froyo on Nookcolor. As a bonus it will flash the 1.2GHz overclock kernel to increase performance!

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

Here is the step by step method to root your Nook Color on 1.2 and enable side loading of Android Apps:

Installed Features

– Installs SU & busybox (rooting)
– Replaces stock kernel with Dalingrin’s OC Kernel (up to 1.2ghz!!)
– Installs these apps:

  • adbwireless
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Button Savior (to emulate Hardware buttons)
  • Calculator
  • SetCPU - you should donate (its also on the android market)
  • TouchRecalibrate
  • Zeam (3rd party app launcher)
  • Nook Color Tools – (change settings to install 3rd party apps)
  • Rom Manager – CWR & backups
  • Youtube 
What You Get

Your stock browser on the Nook color will be fully capable of downloading, launching, and installing .apk files that you want after the procedure! Also adds a Dalingrin (OC kernel) for 1.2 GHz overclock!


- To update to 1.2 firmware you are required to do a complete wipe (see in the end of this article for details).
- Then to update to 1.2 see the instructions here (1.2 is a must to use MiniRooter).
- You must already have a registered NooKcolor
- You must have a Google Account, for Gmail, Market, etc.
- CWM Bootable from SD Card: (If you are not sure how to do it follow our step-by-step guide)

- Download the MiniRooterV2-BN1.2-OC file.


Step 1: Assuming you have Clockwork setup on your SD card, now drop the in the root directory, and reboot your Nook Color.

Step 2: After Clockwork boots:

- Select "install zip from sdcard".
- "choose zip from sdcard".
- Select "Yes – Install MiniRooterV2-BN1.2-OC".
- The install process will initiate.
- After flash you will be prompted to Reboot.

Step 3: Now you are done! after this you can download and run .APK files downloaded form anywhere. Please note that NOT all of them will work but many should work.

Note 1: If you are having problems to install the apps from the Amazon Market after the falsh then go to Nook Color Utils – uncheck and then recheck "Allow Non-Market Apps".

How to Do a Complete Wipe:

Please follow our guide on doing a complete wipe of your Nook Color device.

Note that both Software Update & Factory Reset are required to do a complete wipe as mentioned in the above guide!

[Thank to HTCF4N from XDA Developer Forums!]

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  • Silvervagon

    I’m confused – first it says to wipe (the 2nd option of which is to deregister) and it says I should be registered. Which is it? Do I re-register before I inset the sd card?

    And then to clarify – I am to put the minirooter file on the sd card, and then install it in the nook?

    – Jerry

  • Timothy Estrella

    What about app market?? Thats more suitable and perfect than amazon store… please develop a new system of rooting…!

  • Eddie

    Where is the overclock located, and setcpu?

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