Office Tabs is An Extremely Useful Add-on to Add Native Tab Support to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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We are now in year 2011, things have evolved so fast particularly from the software technology perspective. More specifically, if we talk about the graphical interfaces these days many desktop applications support tabs. All the modern browsers these days support some kind of tab management as well. Not to mention many other desktop as well as web applications. One thing I can’t understand for some reason is that why Microsoft is so hesitant to add the tabs management functionality to the Windows explorer and it’s other popular Office products?? This one feature could bring significant productivity enhancement and less juggling with the many open windows on the Windows taskbar.

Anyway in Windows world if there exist a problem, there is also a solution. We only only need to look around. So is the case for the tab management in Windows. First of all if you want to add the tabs functionality to the Windows explorer I highly recommend to take a look at the QTTabBar that I reviewed some time ago. It is one impressive piece of software that supports wide range of features in addition to of course the excellent tab management functionality. I still don’t know why QTTabBar is not so popular. To put it in simple terms this software has no equal neither in freeware nor in paid software world (although QTTabBar itself is free!).

screenshot word large2 | Office Tabs is An Extremely Useful Add on to Add Native Tab Support to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Now the second solution that I am going to explain is about adding tabs to the Microsoft Office products. For this purpose I think the best software that I can refer to you is the Office Tabs. It is a free software as QTTabBar. But in contrast to the QTTabBar, this one was created to add one and only one feature to the MS Office applications namely tabs. And this software does this feature really really well. It is basically an add-on for the Microsoft applications namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and comes in both 32bit and 64 bit flavors. You have to the option to move the added the tabs to the top, bottom, left or right. Many common features such as, New, Open, Close, Save As can be accessed directly from the tab context menu. This easy access in itself is very useful I think. At this point I should also mention that software has two versions namely, a free version and a paid version. There are some features that are not accessible in the free version, but thankfully all the important features are already there in the free version.

screenshot excel large1 | Office Tabs is An Extremely Useful Add on to Add Native Tab Support to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

In the Office Tabs options you can change the tabs visual style to your heart’s content, as well as change some shortcuts. It also supports usual tab features as in Firefox for example you can middle-click (or double-click) to close a tab. Double-click on empty space opens a new document in new tab an so on…

From the performance perspective Office Tabs seems very light on resources. I highly recommend this software to any heavy MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel user. You can download it for free from the developer website.


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