Quickly Enable/Disable JavaScript in Firefox Using a Toolbar Button

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55266 | Quickly Enable/Disable JavaScript in Firefox Using a Toolbar ButtonJava Script is an essential part of any modern web browser these days. In fact, many complex and media rich interactive websites depend upon java script for the proper functionality. On the other hand this is java script that is a potential source for bringing infections to your system through some rogue scripts that can be injected by nasty malware based websites on the web out there. What a user most probably want in the web browser is a quick mechanism to enable/disable it based on the needs. Taking the case of Firefox it does provide the option to enable/disable the java script functionality in the browser. But it is buried deep in the Settings panel and as a result doesn’t allow to be quickly enabled (or disabled).

Using a tiny Firefox extension called QuickJS however you can add this functionality to the browser. QuickJS is an extremely simple extension that after installation adds a button to the toolbar that can be used to quickly enable or disable the java script based on the user needs. In addition, it also provides a quick short cut (Ctrl+Q) to get the same functionality, in case you are a keyboard junky. QuickJS for Firefox can be downloaded from Firefox extensions website.

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