Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4 – A Web Browsing Speed Comparison [Video]

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galaxys ii3 | Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs iPhone 4 – A Web Browsing Speed Comparison [Video]Well, we already know that Samsung Galaxy SII  is THE most powerful Android phone on the planet. In fact, it is not only the best smartphone you can buy on the Android platform but on ANY platform I would say (including iOS based iPhone 4). Just if you look at the specs of the Galaxy SII and compare it to the Apple’s best that is iPhone 4, it is quite apparent that there is no match in terms of features, computational power of the device or even the software. In fact, we believe that it will be more fair to compare the Samsung Galaxy SII to the upcoming iPhone 5 and for this reason we did the detailed head-to-head comparison recently: “Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs Apple iPhone 5: Clash Of The Titans !!”. In any case if you still have any doubt that the aging iPhone 4 can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S2 then check out a detailed performance comparison done by the guys at the PocketNow. It is basically a video showing a head to head comparison of the web browser speed on both phones. So who is the winner in terms of web browser speed tests ? Have a look and find out!

[Thanks to PocketNow

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