iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs A Stone (You Guessed It!) – Head to Head Feature Comparison

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image7 | iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs A Stone (You Guessed It!) – Head to Head Feature Comparison

Ok this one is a bit funny but amusing to look at – a comparison not just between the Samsung Galaxy S2 and IPhone 4 as you might expect but also someone has thrown a “stone” in the mix! to judge both of these against that. As you might expect since SGS2 is a generation ahead, so it beats iPhone 4 easily in the features such as DLNA support, Gorillaglass, full HD video recording etc. Other advantages such as wireless sync capability , flash support, widgets and so on as you know are the strengths that it inherits from the Android OS that is running underneath it. Nevertheless, apart from the funny comparison to the “Stone”, there is no denying about the advantages that are mentioned in the table below for the SGS2. But this always happens when you compare two devices from different generations. Comparison could be much more fair if iPhone 4 would have been compared against the Samsung Galaxy S. On the side note FM radio is quite interesting feature for SGS2 that I didn’t know before!

Samsung Galaxy S2 SII vs iPhone 4 | iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) vs A Stone (You Guessed It!) – Head to Head Feature Comparison

Well, at least iPhone 4 has a touchscreen! You might also be interested in a web browser speed comparison of the iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S2. BTW if you want a more fair comparison do take a look at our head to head battle between the iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 article (both next generation devices to be fair)!


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  • Umair

    Humorous take on the usual Iphone 4 vs Samsung S2 wars! But you can get MOST of these features on the Iphone by merely Jailbreaking via different cydia apps ! JAILBREAK FTW!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Marcos2507 Marcos

      the galaxy is better because there is simply no need to install third party applications

    • MrPaperTrain

      You don’t even need to JB it anymore, iOS gives you pretty much all of these, minus the touchscreen…. Thats as standard xD

  • Tizzy

    None of your checkmarks MATTER.

    A great user experience – CHECK.

    • iKiller

      So 21Mbps HSPA+ and Full HD Video Recording doesn’t matter?

      • MrPaperTrain

        Nope, especially considering I don’t need these things, 3G connection is rocking, who gives a toss about that few mbps anyway, I’m in no competition – Oh, and for the record, iPhone 4 does have full HD recording :D

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