Turn-off Keyboard Sounds on IPhone When Doing Private SMS Without Turning-on Silence Switch Using silentSMS

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iphone | Turn off Keyboard Sounds on IPhone When Doing Private SMS Without Turning on Silence Switch Using silentSMS

silentSMS is free Cydia tweak for the jailbroken iPhones out there that allows you to do those bulk loads of SMS in complete privacy without making too many noises from your iPhone! The utility of the app lies in the fact that you don’t need to turn-on the silence switch to do so (in that case it would have been useless!). It can turn-off the familiar keyboard sounds when doing SMS and optionally can also turn-off the lock/unlock sounds in case your SMS application requires an unlock to read/respond. It leaves all other iDevice System Sounds unchanged. Note that it requires the installation of the Winterboard. silentSMS  is available through the ModMyi.com repo.

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