How to SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) ?

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Samsung Galaxy S2  is a pretty popular device these days you know, and for the good reasons. It is the best Android mobile that money can buy right now. No wonder, that rooting and hacking community for this particular device is very active. We at Inspired Geek love this device as much as you do. You can find an abundance of articles in the Android section covering many aspects of the device including comparisons to the other current best smartphones, rooting, tweaks and so on. Now an XDA forum member named Chainfire has come up with a very nice free tool that allows to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 from your current carrier.

Don’t’ forget that this application requires the root privileges. If you haven’t yet rooted your device, then you can follow our simple to follow step-by-step guide posted here.

Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock 1 | How to SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) ?Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock 2 | How to SIM Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) ?

This application is called Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock and you can get it for free from the Android Market. Usage is pretty straight-forward; after installation launch the application, and hit the "SIM unlock code" button, wait a few minutes, and it should come up with the code! Write down this code and place the other SIM (from another carrier in you phone)  and restart the phone. When the phone asks for the unlock code, enter the code that you wrote down. It should unlock your device!  According to the developer, if the code does not work, do NOT try it again. You might end up with a freeze. Although, the application can also find the unfreeze code for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes it says the unlock was unsuccessful. However after a reboot you may still find yourself unlocked. So try rebooting first and actually TESTING if the device is locked or unlocked.

You can download the Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock here.

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  • Alex

    Works great… seriously is hard to believe how easy it is! Thanks!

  • UglyGoogly

    is there a way to download the app without going through the Google-controlled Android market?

  • kdd

    did all the instructions my phone is locked to Bell, was wondering if anyone else gets thhis problem after waiting for it to fully finish, I get the message “sim unlock code not found.”

    • Will

      Me too locked to Bell have you had any luck unlocking it?

  • user123

    Afther the program finishes it says that the code can not be found… help!

  • speedwayblue

    I also got the “code not found :(” message.
    Any advice?

  • mark

    I just got my phone today on o2. Do i just install this app and get code or does anything else need to be done since im new to android. The phone is factory set, not rootedt etc.

  • AK

    tried above, didnt work, but after rooting following worked:

  • kumark

    I tried but didn’t work for me. I have android 2.3.3 running on glaxing s II

  • david

    I also got “code not found” Do I need internet connection for the while it finding unlock code? I don’t have 3g on my phone.

    anyone got fix on this??

  • Hi

    Hi so by unlock you mean country unlock right? So I can just use it in any country.

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  • sonya

    didnt worked for me, but try this vid

  • Jose

    It says in the article that you need root privileges to get and install the application, but my question is; after rooting and unlocking, can I restore to factory settings to get the official Samsung firmware and still have the simlock removed? I mean, because the phone doesn’t have the carrier settings from factory, does it? It might be a dumb question but no one seems to have an answer xD


    • Andy B

      Very clear post above and in the article about root required to proceed, but what is root?
      The vast majority of smart phones will have 2 locks – the sim lock which this fix removes, allowing you to use any mobile network sim, and a system lock.
      The system lock will vary depending on the smartphone, but the root is the superuser or administrator. So when you get the phone, you will create and add your details as a user, but you don’t have all the access rights as root.
      So, find your friendly techie/nerd/geek to hold your hand, hop over to xda-dev and choose the method of your choice to root your phone, 2 very simple methods are very well documented.
      Once your phone is rooted, THEN you can sim unlock your phone.
      Hope I’ve clarified some of the questions above.

      • jack

        I was able to follow the process successful. I got a code but it did not unlock my phone. what is the next process or what should i do to unlock my phone

  • JohnS

    it is junk.
    Not working!

  • Marcus

    Loved it, worked like a charm. if the app doesnt work try other apps such as “Galaxy S unlock” until it works. If you made everything right, it will ;) 
    thanks for the help!

  • ailyn

    My samsung galaxy S2 was locked while I was downloading all the androids instruction that my phone redirected me. now I don’t know what to do! All my important files was inside and I couldn’t remember all the number in my phone number lists. Also I have many important text messages inside. I bought this device because I thought it will help me alot and yes id did helpd me for 4 months now but if this is how complicated it is then I will return into my laptop and do not consider myself buying expensive but very complicated device again.
    Eileen Wu

  • Natalie White

    watch this video….

    no need to root your phone

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